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New Practices and Process of Human Resource Management

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The last ten years have been characterized by an evident transformation of the organizational processes of companies, especially from the way in which their tasks are carried out, how they are supervised and even how the selection of personnel is carried out. The companies need to adopt the new techniques along with the traditional concept in this age of rapid technological advancements and these practices also allow them to attract the most qualified professionals and at the same time be able to retain them. This also helps the organizations to attain a competitive position in the market by valuing their most valuable asset which ultimately strengthens and increase the growth of the company.

Before starting to detail how to adopt the new trends in the recruitment of human talent and transform the working mechanisms, the managers should know that times have changed. Many researchers have confirmed that the number of hours worked does not have the same representation of the level of productivity. Thus, consequently, the motivation of the employees is directly linked to the productivity and performance of the work. Moreover, to retain them, there must be constant communication and appreciation of their work, as it shows that their work is of interest and importance for the company.

Developing the employees by understanding their needs and potentials is also an integral part of human resource management, and it has a massive impact on the success or the failure of any organization. This is the reason these days the human resource development is regarded as an essential function of HR department; The HR managers have to analyze all the processes of the organizations minutely and then decide upon the best fit interventions which can achieve the set target. If you want to read about the steps which are followed by the companies, then you must read ”Different Phases of Adopting HRD Practices”. This article will give you a stepwise insight into the different phases in the process of implementing the human resources development plans in a given organization.


The companies must update the workforce with newly integrated practices to compete in the global scenario. Adopting new technologies allow the firms to optimize workflows in a more practical, automated way and with a lower margin of error.

  • Rethinking the mission and making strategies accordingly

The basis of every company is the workforce. Therefore to evaluate if there is a good performance of the work team, it is necessarily a department specialized in Human Resources, who is responsible for adopting new practices, tools and technologies for the recruitment, selection, induction and retention of human talent, with the new digital models.

  • Creating a digital workplace to keep pace with the changing trends

 With the strengthening of communication channels through the Internet, new digital systems such as clouds, learning tools and work must be created to take advantage of employees. On the other hand, among the tools that allow increasing the productivity, for the management of offline and online projects, there is Slack, Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Team, Trello, among others that consolidate the communications of the work team correctly. There are also tools that allow processes to be automated, as in the case of the digital marketing department, through the automation of email marketing, programming of advertising campaigns, SEO audits. These tools do not necessarily have to be carried out by the employees themselves, reducing to an enormous extent scale the wear and tear of both staffs, as well as the optimal distribution of resources.

  • Creating a workforce well equipped with the technological practices

Combines traditional and digital methods, which allows them to continuously innovate the different processes that are carried out within the organization, this can be generated through training programs and update the new trends in digital marketing. To increase the visibility of the company on the web and to accept new digital ideas, to value the suggestions of the same team almost all the companies are adopting these techniques these days. This is a wonderful way to keep the firm well ahead of its competitors because it helps them to remain visible in the sea of other companies.

New Practices for attracting human talent

It is imperative that the organizations decide to transform all the procedures and the processes and it should start with the Human Resources department. Since when managing a traditional line of work, there is a higher tendency to spend resources and increase the margin of error, considerably reducing the possibility to attract qualified staff. This is highly essential in the current scenario because even the new generation of workers are much more technologically demanding as a result of the new digital age.

  • Creating attractive offers for attracting and acquiring the best talent

After deciding to bid for lack of personnel or build a new job, it is essential that the managers know how to project the company according to the requirements and demands of the market. Therefore it is relevant to provide the most significant amount of information in a precise, from the powers, faculties, benefits, work environment, and other related aspects. This is necessary so that there is no information gap at the time the candidate is nominated, and a waste of effort and time is avoided, in making the first contact or even the second stage of training is passed. At the end the applicant does not perform adequately due to the same information gap, causing the entire process to be carried out again.

  • Methods helpful to capture the most desirable human talent for the organization

Previously when an offer of employment was made, the companies went to the most popular newspapers and published them through this medium. However, this practice was very limiting, since the probabilities that the most qualified could meet with that publication was very low. Therefore now with the help of digital media, there has been a significant increase in the number of active users on job boards on a large scale. This allows a double benefit for both the company and the potential candidate, as they will have a more significant opportunity to reach the offer that fits their demands, requirements and aspirations of the candidate, and the company can attract the most qualified candidate.

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