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Information technology and the online ordering system

Information technology is evolving continuously nowadays. Technological evolution, as well as advancements, are allowing the world to become more highly modernized. These days every business, large or small should have some sort of online presence in the market. Presently, only 50% of the small to medium-sized businesses are online and only a few of them actually provide some sort of user interaction that can improve customers’ approachability towards the products or items offered by a company (Tice, 2012). The online ordering system is one such system that involves processing of food delivery or takeout from the local restaurant or food cooperative through a web application or page.

Online Ordering System

Online ordering system can be defined as a convenient and simple method which can be used by the customers for purchasing food online without having to go to the restaurant (Matviyenko, 2019). This system is enabled by internet, where the customers visit the website application of the restaurant and browse through different types of food items. After browsing the different food items, the food can be delivered at the customer’s doorstep or at any other location selected by the customer. Payments in an online ordering system can be made through credit cards, debit cards, cash on delivery or even through the digital wallets. This online ordering system is considered as a reliable, safe and secure method revolutionizing the current restaurant industry (Nibblematrix, 2016).

Benefits of online ordering systems

Online ordering systems are referred to as one of the most trending technologies in the current food industry that allow building an online presence of the restaurant of any existing food business. Such a system improves the digital survival with an augmented customer reach. Following are some benefits of online ordering systems that can boost business sales:

Enhances customer convenience

Online ordering system helps customers  enjoy their most preferable restaurant food at their convenience without visiting any restaurant physically. Use of this type of system is quite beneficial for those persons who do not have enough time to visit the restaurant to have food especially during the hectic office or working hours. Moreover, the online ordering systems provide some special offers or discounts to the users on a frequent basis as per restaurant promotions.

Flexible management of menu

Online ordering systems provide with the ability to the restaurant owners to update the menu at any time and it eliminates the printing of the menu cards iteratively with the updated food price (Nibblematrix, 2017).

Improved productivity

By eliminating the phone ordering methods, online ordering system makes the process of food ordering entirely automated and saves a lot of time of the restaurant employee which is earlier consumed by taking orders through phone calls from the customers.

New methods to order

Thenumber  of  customers for ordering food through digital media is extremely high. More the convenience of online order placement, more will be the customer satisfaction. customers will order more often. There are various online ordering sites that provide sign-on options through Google or Facebook. Nowadays, people can also order food with their voice using Amazon’s Alexa from brands like Jet’s Pizza. Facebook has also come up with a new functionality of “ordering food” that allows customers to order food online and checkout right from the main navigation page. Most of the online ordering companies are now developing sites in a responsive manner that automatically adapt the size of the screen and provide easy to order functionality from the mobile phones, tablets. Since a large volume of data is being generated from the online ordering systems, restaurants are now using this data for expanding their analytics and are creating algorithms for predicting the volume of the order. Restaurants are now notifying their customers regarding the order status through automated texts and SMS (danieljricks87, 2016).


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