Ordering Management System and Business Positioning

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Ordering Management System is the computer software system used to facilitate and manage the execution of trade orders of industry to record entry and processing of an order. An order can be received from a business or a customer depending upon the goods and services offered by the company. The offer of order and its terms and conditions can be communicated through catalogs, websites or advertisement through different media. An integrated order management system should include the following information:
• Complete information about the product- its description, attributes, location, and quantity.
• Available Inventory.
• Vendors of raw material, purchasing and receiving the procedure.
• Marketing includes catalogs, pricing, and promotions.
• Target market and customer.
• Order entry and customer services provided such as returns and refund procedures.
• Financial processing including payment, billing, card payment.
• Order processing including selection, printing, picking, packing, and shipping of the product.

The order management system is a multi-dimensional system which affects different parties of business processes, such as:
• Customers
• Vendors or suppliers
• Sales channels
• The transportation system of the company
• Functioning of all departments of the company

Ways to improve ordering system

Sync the customer order directly with inventory: The management must synchronize the order system directly with inventory system of the company so that the information can be updated timely and the customer will know about the available stock rather than purchasing stock our products.

Automate the process: It is difficult to update the information manually, thus management must use automated software that will update the information. This automation will increase the efficiency of all other related procedures and grow the business by delivering a good experience to customers.

Minimize chances of human error: The trading company gets the order through different channels so it is difficult to manage all the orders and chances of error are high. Thus, the human error of recording and processing can be minimized or eliminated with a computerized system or technology. This will encourage the transparency of the whole mechanism of the company and buyers can access the information of their historical or present orders.

Customized service to each client: Every client has different needs and expectations from the goods and service provider company and different styles of ordering. Some people are comfortable to order goods and services from physical stores and others may like to order online. Thus, the company must formulate customized systems.

Formulate the standards for performance: To provide a better experience to the customer, a management increase the efficiency of employees to deliver better services. It requires the formulation of some standards to be followed by the company to increase the output and achieve overall goals of the company.

The Positioning of a Business refers to creating an image of the company through promotion, price, place, and product. The strategy to influence the market and ways to market the products or services of the company. higher the efficiency of market positioning strategy of the company will lead to better marketing practices and results of the company. The company can position their product in three ways, which are as follows:
• Positioning in Advertisements
• Positioning through price.
• Positioning in Sales Location.

The Positioning process of the company is as follows:
• Create a positioning statement of the company
• Test the positioning statement.
• Use the positioning statement of the company in written form to communicate it to customers.
• Create image- marketing materials that will show the positioning of the company.
• Integrate the practices of all departments to create more influence in the market.

A business organization can position their business through efficient Ordering Management System by providing better services and experience to customers.