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Poor Dental Health enforces the economic and social costs at the individual and society level. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has conducted research and provides the report that Australians have 12.8 decayed, missing or filled teeth on average. It has been analyzed that 70,200 hospitalizations for dental conditions may have been prevented with the earlier treatment in the period of 2006- 2017. The report of the study evaluates that one in ten of the admissions in dental hospitals is caused due to preventable dental conditions which also includes untreated tooth decay.

Public health programs that encourage the use of fluoridated drinking water can reduce tooth decay. The water fluoridation program of the community could not be performed without controversy amongst the people of the community. The fluoridation of water was started in Australia as early as 1960. Though Queensland, city of Australia was the last state to introduce and implement the program of fluoridation of water in the year 2008. The decision of the fluoridation program has been passed from state to local authorities. This decision has reduced water fluoridation across the state. In the year 2017, 75% of the population in Queensland has accessed fluoridated water whereas, in overall Australia, this percentage is 89%.

Contrarily, community fluoride program is less controversial, the aim of this public health care programs that aim to provide overall oral health of the community. The program emphasizes self- care practices with regular brushing of teeth with fluoride toothpaste. The effectiveness of this program is confounded by the skewed distribution of the risk of dental health diseases. It requires the adoption of preventive behavior among social and economic groups.

How to write an Economics Research Essay?

An Economics Research essay requires some major contents which should be written as follows:

The Context

In economics, the essay or any discussion has to be started with the problem. The problem definition refers to the context of the essay. Which must articulate the issue. The introduction does not mean the name of the problem or just the description. The context part of the essay must explain the problem and its impact. It also requires the information of economic and social cost associated with the specific issue. The problem has been analyzed to discuss below and provide solutions for the formulation of economic policies.   

Economic theory

In this section, a proper economic model has to be described in the proper economic terminology. The theory described must explain the economics behind the issue raised about tooth decay which is caused by the under consumption of fluoride. The essay must also include a description of the impact of inadequate fluoride use on economic efficiency. The robust diagram exposition of the externalities of economic theory could also be provided in this.

The Critical Analysis

This part will include the complete analysis and explanation of the solution of the issue raised from the economic point of view. This part must show that how each policy implemented in the economy affects the efficient equilibrium of an economy. The writer must focus on this part, explain everything but in a very simple manner. Give an overview of all the theories of economics related to the issue raised and how the theory will be considered to address the issue. The deep explanation can be given by providing the potential strengths and weaknesses of the policy which has to find out from the literature review. The major feature of this part of the essay is that it is an objective part of the analysis.