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Scenario: In this scenario, a discussion is made between the Program Director and the Project Manager. They are discussing one of the projects on which they currently working. They are planning to deliver the project one month before the deadline so that they can easily work on the next project, which is one of the important projects. According to the Program Director, the next project will provide more financial benefits as the cost of the next project is approximately 3 million. They have decided to deliver the project without doing encryption that can be dangerous for the client in the context of security and privacy. The decision to deliver this project without encryption could impact the quality of the system as well. Due to this, it could be considered as an unethical act by the company that might have a huge impact on the reputation of the company as well as its relationship with that particular client.

From this scenario, it has been analyzed that launching the project before the actual deadline without doing the most important part such as encryption is completely wrong as per ACS code of ethics. Encryption is one of the important parts of the project, which is basically a method by which different types of data or plaintext is converted from the readable type to an encoded version that can be decoded by some other entity. Encryption is an essential method used for providing security. It is also very helpful for providing end to end protection related to data transmitted across the networks. From this, it is concluded that the decision of the early launching of project ethically wrong. The Project Manager could choose some best options for doing encryption that could be beneficial for the company in maintaining the quality of the system.

What do you mean by ACS code of Ethics?

ACS code of ethics is one of the major parts of the ACS constitution where ACS refers to Australian computer society. It is necessary to advance and uphold the dignity, honor and the effectiveness of being an expert or professional. This entails to being the best citizen and performing within the law, individual’s adherence to below mentioned society values:

  1. The Primary of the Public Interest
  2. The Enhancement of the Life Quality
  3. Honesty
  4. Competence
  5. Professional Development
  6. Professionalism

As the rule of ACS ethics, an organization should have to keep their competence, professionalism, public interest and honesty while doing any job. The ACS rules don’t permit the organization to deliver wrong services or product to the clients as well as mislead them to their own services.

In this report, the students have to identify the ethical issue from the given scenario. Moreover, they have to analyze the identified ethical issue from the perspective of the ACS code of professional conduct. After this, students have to make some recommendations as per the analysis providing different reasons for all the mentioned recommendations. Apart from this, different ethical and unethical issues will be identified in this particular scenario.

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