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Performance Analysis and Optimization of the Blockchain Technology

Home Articles Performance Analysis and Optimization of the Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology have drawn major attention of society in the recent past, as from few years’ cryptocurrency is always in the news regarding the merits and demerits and issues related to security. An another well known name of the Blockchain technology is Distributed Ledger Technology or DLT, which demonstrate to save a lot of time and efforts of the organization. The Blockchain technology is used to generate a decentralized record management system, which is responsible for the securing the private information of the network on the channel.

In these days, blockchain technology is not only used by various companies in order to manage financial statement, but also to optimally manage the standardization of logistics and other supply chain programs. Therefore, extensive research on the technology revealed that achieving the throughput and latency of the Blockchain technology is the most difficult challenge, such that output of the network channel can be optimal managed.

After the development of initial applications, it has been analysed that development for the blockchain system degraded in providing optimal latency to the system and thus, it makes its measure to solve the challenges prior to the development of technology. Therefore, there are different methodology which can be used in order to check the performance and optimize the blockchain technology further for the betterment of society.

First and foremost, parameter can be blockchain platforms and infrastructure setup which ensure the development model chosen for the development is suitable for it or not. To exemplify, a survey was conducted for the two blockchain technology such as Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum that reflects the development model and installation of necessary software is a significant to depend on the latency and bandwidth of the system. The pre configuration module plays a major role, but after the development the evaluation is based on the workload dispatcher and performance data collection module of the blockchain technology. These aforementioned parameters will make the technology distinctive in terms of the execution time, latency and throughput of blockchain applications.

The difference in execution time of the transaction on different platforms can be considered as the native functionalities and custom function to check the difference in data access and data management of the system applications. After that, comparing average latency can be used as lo log plot to measure the transactions of experience in protecting the experiments and platforms increase for the rapid action’s management. The create action, insurance and transfer value will be accountable for the average latency assumption calculation for the optimal areas to focus for the better management of the varying functions. Furthermore, maximum concurrent transactions are deployed for the report management for distributing the current version of the platform to the CPU utilized resources of blockchain technology.

Therefore, suffice to say that performance analysis and optimization are necessary notion which could effectively ensure the current version of the platforms as well as finding the current loopholes in the knowledge of the Blockchain technology. Furthermore, private blockchain systems will be considered as effective platforms for communication.

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