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Powerful Tips to Win A Debate Competition

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Every school conducts debate sessions. Debate sessions help the students to make use of their interpersonal skills. This further helps the students to develop and showcase their skills. There are many students who are willing to take part in debating and the ones participating in such competitions for the very first time find it difficult in preparing themselves. This is the reason that students need to follow some tips to win the debate competitions. Following are some of them:

  1. Be confident and well prepared

The students should prepare themselves well for the ‘Debate Topic’ they have been assigned. The best way is to conduct a proper research on the topic, prepare notes for the important points, memorize the necessary points, and most importantly don’t stress. If you feel nervous, it is better to take a mock debate with one or two of your friends in order to overcome fretfulness. 

  1. Introduction

The initial step, when you begin with a debate, is to introduce yourself to the audience. Therefore, having a strong and clear voice is important so that the audience is able to hear you and know about the topic of the debate.

  1. Know your audience

You must be well aware of your audience. You should know that your audience includes a panel of judges, school students as well as the teachers. Thus, it is important for you to maintain a proper posture, gesture, and interaction with the listeners.

  1. Respect and Self-control

At the time of debate, you are required to discuss either in the favor or against the topic. Thus, nobody should take it personally. All you need to do is to calm yourself and speak out your point of view related to the topic. Don’t make a mistake to shout or speak aggressively when the other party tries to oppose. By being short-tempered in such a situation, there are chances that you may lose scores.

  1. Interactive conversation

In order to know the perspective of the audience, it is important for you to make the debate session an interacting one. This can be done by including soft conversations like adding comedy in presenting the facts and data and engaging with the audience. Make sure that the listeners don’t lose interest in your discussion.

  1. Don’t try to win

The debate is a type of formal discussion; thus, the winner of the debate is decided by how well the session is carried out. Hence, if you try to win the debate by involving unnecessary details in your support, then you would not be able to win the debate.

  1. Facts and theory

Don’t just simply put your arguments without any basis, instead, make sure that you add certain facts and figures that are relevant to the topic of the debate. This will help in seeking the attention of the judges and the audiences. Also, the facts included in the debate should be valid so that your opponent doesn’t get any chance to question them.

  1. Admitting not knowing

If at some point, you find yourself unaware of something, then you should simply admit it instead of fighting and arguing. If the other party has spoken something about which you have little knowledge, you must accept that you don’t know much about it and a proper research needs to be carried out in order to continue.

  1. Concluding the debate

The debate session is partially complete without a conclusion. Hence, you must take the opportunity to explain your views in a better way and always end up in a way that pushes the audiences to discuss the same. When your audience is left in some kind of discussion, this means that your debate has left some kind of impact.

These are some of the points that will help you gain scores in the debate competitions. Apart from these, it is very important that the right kind of Debate Topic is chosen for the debate. Choose the topic that you are familiar with, so that it becomes easier to carry out a research for the debate.

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