Qualities a Good Professor Must Own

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Teachers or professors are highly respected entities. However, some people may agree or disagree with this statement, depending on their experience. Professor can be very good for some while they can be nuisance to others.

Professors should have some qualities that make them better in the eye of their students. A professor should not only have good qualities in order to be good in front of students but for their own sake too. The professors are the figures who some students might take or follow as an inspiration. That is why, there are certain realistic qualities that makes an outstanding teacher.

A teacher or professor are expected to be or are like a second parent to the students. Therefore, professors should be kind, generous, helpful, etc. towards their students. They should think for their well-being and encourage them to take steps that lead a student to success.

Below mentioned are the qualities that a professor should possess or own:

1. Polite – Teacher should be polite. If the professor is strict, many students do not approach the professor in the first place. Their doubts and queries remain unaddressed. Instead what the students do is ask someone else or search other sources that may or may not be reliable. Therefore, it is important for a professor to be polite in nature.

Treat students as your friends but remember to maintain a balance between the friendship and the seriousness. If a teacher becomes too friendly with the students, then the students might not take the teacher seriously. Therefore, it is important to maintain a balance.

2. Generous – This is another quality a teacher must possess in order to be a good professor. A professor must be generous; they should be a giver. A teacher must impart more and more knowledge to their students. They should be open to students for any queries or suggestions whether they are related to their subject or not.

3. Helpful – It is one of the most important quality that a teacher must have. Being helpful towards the students will increase the student – teacher bonding. If a student does not understand or wants to ask about something, they should not be scared of you, rather they must be open and not hesitate to talk to you.

4. Motivator – A professor must always motivate their students to be a better person and should encourage them to be more participative. It is also one of the qualities of a teacher to find out the hidden talents that a student has, they should encourage and motivate them to use it. It will make the students happy that their professor has faith in them. It will also boost a student’s confidence to some other level.

5. Unbiased – Another quality of a good professor is to stay unbiased. Many professors become enemies of their students if they are biased to a particular student/ s. It will put a negative impact of the professor on the student’s mind and if they have some question or query, they might not ask it from biased teacher. A biased professor will also hamper a student’s will to participate in class as they will think that the professor will only say like the answer given by their favorite student/s.

6. Sense of humor – Yes you heard it right. Sense of humor is very important characteristics of a teacher. Who does not like a funny person? If a teacher is funny, it helps to make the study session interesting. If they keep on talking and explain the whole time, the students will get bored or end up sleeping. The humor can be related to the subject or anything else. Give humoristic examples or something else that can be a distraction and prevent the boredom.

7. Knowledge of Subject – Having the knowledge of the subject is really important. Some students are too eager to learn in depth about a topic or subject of their interest. They can have numerous questions regarding it. The teacher must be able to clear all the doubts and queries of the students. It will help the student to understand their subject and encourage them to score good marks.

8. Love to teach – Having passion for teaching is another important aspect. A person who is compassionate towards their job will put their maximum efforts in it because it gives them pleasure and become essay helper. While if someone is doing their job just for the sake of earning, then they might not be able to put their maximum efforts in the job. Therefore, the enthusiasm and the zeal to teach is necessary.

9. Writing skills – The teacher must also have good writing skills. It is extremely important if you are English teacher or professor. With your skills, you can be the student’s essay helper and teach the students how to write a great essay. Help them to improvise their writing skills.

10. Be a Good Listener – A professor must be a good listener. The students have variety of problems; some might even find it difficult to ask it. That is why, professor needs to be patient and should listen carefully. Avoid assuming their problem yourself and providing the answers that are not even required. Fully listen their question and then answer.

11. Patience – Patience is required in all the fields especially in teaching as the professor has to deal with the students. Even though many teachers tell their students “ask me the same question hundred times I will still answer your question”, but in reality, if you ask it more than four or five times, they may get angry.

A teacher needs to understand that all students are not the same, each one of them may take different amount of time to understand a topic. So, even if they are asking questions more than four or five times, don’t lose your temper, patiently listen and solve their query or make them understand the solution.

If you do not have these qualities, don’t lose hope. You can develop these qualities in yourself. You might also have your favorite teacher. What was in your favorite professor, that made them your favorite? Inculcate those qualities. Be a teacher you wanted, when you were a student.