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Quality Control Process in Operations Management

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Operations management is an elective specialization in MBA, and the students have to study many subjects in this course. The quality control is one of the major subjects of the operations management. Here the students learn about various tools and techniques to produce high-quality products with minimum discrepancies. All the business companies work with the purpose of attaining success regarding profit as well as popularity. One of the most critical aspects of the success of any organization is the quality of its products or services. The quality of the manufactured products or the performed services determines the success or failure of any company. Therefore, to keep a check on the quality, the organizations have various quality control processes. The quality control is usually a set of procedures which ensure that the manufactured goods or the services meet the expectations of the client or the standards of the quality set by the industry.

There is one more process of quality assurance which is somewhere similar to the QC but there is a difference in both these processes, and that is in QA the procedures ensure that the quality of the products is checked while in their development only, that is before completing the work of its production. The organizations have to decide in advance the specific standards which their products or services should meet. When the companies have an explicit goal of the desired result, then they can quickly channel their resources, workforce and time to reach those goals.

The quality control managers have to collect authentic, and first-hand data and the results have to be reported to the higher management. The management officials take the corrective decision if there is any need for them. If there is a high frequency of the defective units, then the management has to think about improving the whole process of production. The quality control process is an ongoing process, and the managers have to keep a check on the manufacturing processes always because the problem can arise anytime and the reason for that can be anything. Therefore the organizations have active operations management department which takes care of the quality control processes.

The Total Quality Management (TQM)

The concept of total quality management works on the assumption that the companies can achieve long-term success if all its employees are starting from the worker level to the top management work together by focusing on maintaining the highest quality of its products or services. This is the sure shot way of delivering satisfaction to the customers and building trust for themselves. For TQM to be effective, the organizations have to pay close attention to its procedures and work towards continuous improvement. The TQM focuses on the long-term perspective rather than seeing only the short-term gains.

The core values and the strategic visions of an organization need to direct all its energy and efforts to improve and to maintain the best quality of the goods or services. Every employee and every process whether big or small plays an active and vital role in managing the overall quality so that the firm can meet or exceed the expectations of the customers. There are five main principles of TQM<, and all the employees of a firm should follow them for the best results.

The Principles of Total Quality Management

A company needs to embrace the five main principles of total quality management if it wants to exceed the customer's expectations and establish itself as a reliable name in the industry. Here is the list and description of these five TQM principles:

1. Producing best quality for the first time
If the products or services are of high quality in the first process of their making, then it will add on to the high productivity of the organization. Getting quality result at the fits time means the team does not have to spend time on the quality improvement. For these process, the organizations have to train their employees in such a way that they can produce the best quality of the products with the first round of the production process only. The companies who have best quality control processes usually empower their employees to take the decision necessary to improve the overall process. The quality control managers, as well as the production managers, know precisely what has to be done if there arises any discrepancy in the characteristics or the performance of the manufactured product.

2. Keep the focus on the customer’s demands
Every organization who wants to succeed or have succeeded has to take care of the requirements and expectations of its customer base. The organizations often conduct the market research surveys to know about the orientation of the customers. The only way to meet or exceed the customer satisfaction is to know in advance what they want or expect out of their product or service. The companies can design their goods or services according to the taste and need of the customers. Therefore focusing on the consumers is one of the major principles in the total quality control management. Organizations should think about all the aspects which can become the deciding factor for its customers to buy the products.

3. Keep an eye on continuous improvement
The quality control team, as well as the production team, should be trained in all the essential procedures the performance of the employees and their dedication towards their work helps a lot to produce a high-quality outcome. The management, therefore, creates strategies and methods which can analyse the efficiency of the process. In the operations management it is assumed that if we keep the system correct, the result will automatically be as per the expectations. Therefore it is essential to emphasize the process itself, and it's all details no matter how minute they might be. The quality management team should keep examining the effectiveness of all the process time to time. Only then they will be able to find out the problems before they can harm the process and the products.

4. Keep a storage approach for the procedures and the improvement
The quality control manager should keep a track all the related systems such as the tamely purchasing of the raw material, the supply chain management, the quality of the supplies delivered by the suppliers and many more. To produce a high-quality product it is necessary that it goes through all the production procedures appropriately and therefore the raw materials and the production team should all be present at the right time. The quality manager has to take all decisions strategically so that the processes should not be delayed or halted and the products or services can be delivered to the customers when it is promised.

5. Work with teamwork
To attain the corporate vision, the organizations have to foster a culture of mutual respect and collaboration among its employees. When the employees work in a conducive and progressive culture, they develop as human beings, as professionals and they also make their organization achieve its targets. The high performing teams are the dream of every organization because they can reach greatness with the help of their employee’s coordination and dedication only. No one employee can bring the desired results. Therefore, they have to work in close tandem with each other.

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