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About Network Design

The designing of network is done with the help of some network activities which can be used for the communication between the clients and the servers. There are many network services which are used for configuring the network but, the link was designed with the help of few services named as DHCP, DNS and firewall. DHCP stands for dynamic host control protocol which assigns the automatic

Internet protocol addresses to the servers and the hosts. It is also responsible for the providing the default gateways, subnet masks, and domain name system IP’s. Web servers are redirected towards the URL with the help of configuring the servers with default gateways and DHCP configuration of the IP addresses. Domain name system translates the domain names to the IP addresses where, it is used to locate any website on the internet. All the activities like Surfing of the internet, downloading of the resources all depends on the DNS to remotely provide the information to connect the hosts to the respective servers. Forward and reverse DNS is configured on the clients and clients are accessible by the given domain. This network design also packed up with the security feature also said to be firewall. ACL on the routers are applied to prevent all the network attack on the network without compromising it.

Access control list block the IP which is reoccurring again in the network, which indicates the authorization of the device on the network.  Pinging of the client to server is imitated with the help of configuring the RIP protocols on the routers. With the help of firewall on the routers, all the unwanted traffic is blocked on the network but, HTTP/TCP traffic is allowed to enter the host and server address. This process is also said to be traffic filtering on the network.

Some beneficial software’s used for building such a network simulation are listed below with suitable pros and cons of the tool.

1. Cisco Packet Tracer

It is a cross-platform visualizer tool used by network engineers for the creation of the simulation network virtually. All the respective services and features of real world network can be implemented on this software.

• Real time experience with minimal noise level on this tool where, it provides sim mode within the software.
• It is an open-source software used by the network engineers and students.

• There is some lack of commands on the cisco packet tracer.

2. GNS3

It is a type of graphical network simulator which is used to simulate the networks graphically for accurate results.

• It is not a learning tool, it is used for real world applications.
• Linux, windows, iOS all the operating systems can be emulated with the help of GNS3.

• Images are required by this tool to perform the simulation operations.


SNMP is free and open source tool used as a network simulator where, it can simulate thousands of SNMP- on the network.

• It holds free licence which can be used by anyone and can only be used for testing and development purposes only.
• This tool can only be used on the small- scale networks for simulation rather than large scale networks.

4. Eve-ng

It is one of the best simulation tools, which is used by the enterprises for the successful network design for virtual concepts and solutions. It can be easily run on the isolated environment and is a much powerful tool.

• Eve-ng is fast, secure, simple to use and can be used with the help of the web interface.
• Only Ethernet can be used in this software rather than all the other links.

5. Dynamips and Netsim
Dynamips is a type of emulator which consists of computer program written to communicate with the cisco routers. Netsim supports all the new route, switch and tshoot technologies.

• Adds on the clients to interface live applications on the running devices with network topologies.
• Dynamips can perform routing of the CISCO routers with its program without any complexity.
• It can only be used to configure only routers.

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