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Biometrics for authentication: Security and Privacy implications

It has been found that traditional authentication systems are less secure and ineffective as compared to biometric system. The existing biometric systems are highly vulnerable to various types of attacks such as man in the middle attack, spoof attack, replay attack, data simulation etc.

Security and privacy issues in Internet of Things (IoT) /Smart Architectures

IoT (Internet of things) is supporting many services and applications in various domains such as smart parking, smart home, smart office, smart health etc. The types of IoT devices attacks are classified into 4 types named as encryption, software, network and physical attacks.

Security threats in cloud computing and preventive methods

Cloud computing technology provides scalable, flexible and pay per use services according to the demand of end users. It is very difficult for cloud service providers to manage the security of cloud services and applications duce to presence of insecure application programming interfaces, malicious insiders, shared technology vulnerabilities, data loss, multi-location of private data, account, service and traffic hijacking.

Security issues in Software Defined Networks (SDN)

Software Defined Networks is more flexible as compared to conventional network. By reviewing various literatures, it has been found that spoofing, tampering, repudiation, denial of service, elevation of privilege are major types of attacks which affect the security of SDN.

Denial of service and distributed denial of service attacks

Denial of service attack restricts legitimate users to gain access to the services. The cybercriminals are flooding the targeted system through unwanted information while performing denial of service attack. Distributed Denial of service attacks are mainly divided into two categories i.e. bandwidth depletion attack, resource depletion attack.

Investigating security of Blockchain enabled applications

Many financial organizations have adopted blockchain applications to perform secure transactions. In blockchain technology, an electronic curreny has been used which is also known as a bitcoin.

Malware: past, present and future

The cybercriminals use malicious software and malware for executing cyberattacks. Spyware, ransomware, trojans are main types of malware attack.

Wireless Network security and preventive techniques

In the current scenario, it is very difficult to maintain wireless network security as wireless networks become more sophisticated. The security of Wireless networks can be maintained with the use of effective security models such as Virtual Private Network (VPN), Digital signatures, mobile security solutions etc.

Security threats related to BYOD devices and countermeasures

Nowadays, most of the business organizations enforce BYOD policies to provide flexibility and mobility in the workplace. If employees do not focus on the security of their personal devices, then it might affect the security of organizational data. The BYOD devices are mainly targeted by the cybercriminals through mobile banking attack, TAC theft, illegal transaction etc.

Cryptographic techniques

Currently, cryptographic techniques have been used by the organizations to manage the security of their information systems. There are various types of cryptographic techniques available such as mono-alphabet cipher, poly alphabet cipher, Vignere cipher, rail force transposition, codebooks etc.

Data Exfiltration techniques

Data exfilration is also known as data theft, data exportation and data extrusion. These term are mainly utilized for describing illegal or unauthorized data transfer from one device to another. It can be performed manually or automatically.