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1. Portfolio 1.1

This is the first portfolio in which the basic details related with given project will be discussed such as- title of application, developer name and knowledge specifications, focus of the site such as- customer attraction, improved ROI rate of the organization, main features of the website to both developer and the customer, number of involved web pages, target audience for the application, design considerations/ goals related to the site along with limiting factors of nominated website. This portfolio provides a clear summary of what we are going to do in other portfolios.

2. Portfolio 1.2

In this portfolio, the basic layout of website’s design will be created roughly by the designer so that it become easy to develop the web application by following it. The number of roughly designed page will be similar in count as mentioned in above portfolio. These visual diagrams will provide direct indication to the main page, section page, content page and so on. Alternate navigation related discussion will also make in this portfolio for better understanding towards the next task or portfolio. These designs will be hand drawn on paper or might be created through the use of drawing application.

3. Portfolio 1.3

This portfolio will provide basic discussion related with site specification for the nominated project of the application. Mission of the web application will be discussed in this portfolio along with the way how site’s success can be measured along with meeting its end goals. The intended target audience of nominated web application will also discuss in this portfolio along with the way how user satisfaction can be assessed. The technological issues related withy designed application will be discussed in this portfolio in context to site’s functions.  

4. Portfolio 1.4

In this portfolio, the project proposal will be revised for the site specifications created in first portfolio. Another discussion will be made on implemented CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets) into nominated project application. In this week, the developer will get to know about the ways how to control typography, borders, backgrounds, space and colours with CSS3. The original code of the application will be analysed for describing body copy, header and footer sections of the code.

5. Portfolio 1.5

Type hierarchy of nominated web application will be designed under this portfolio. The code related discussions will be made in this portfolio such as- typefaces, styles for the body type and heading, necessary levels of heading, weight & size of headings, way text will be emphasized, hypertext links will be of standard colours or custom colours, way to ensure legibility & readability of text, and line length.

6. Portfolio 1.6

This is the last portfolio, in which the used box model will be discussed that’s build on above mentioned typographic classes. Different spacing requirements for the content will be discussed in the report along with the information related with type specifications of HTML page. in this portfolio, it will be assured that the designed website must meet approximate screen resolution between 1024*768 to 1280*1024.

7. Summary

Above portfolios will help in analysing the exact requirements for the nominated web applications. Moreover, the major purpose of this web applications and similar discussions are also made in above mentioned portfolios.

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