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Role of HRM in business and non-business organizations

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Human resource management

HRM is the abbreviated form of human resource management which is a function preformed in every organization that facilitates the effective use of people in an organization. HRM applies management principles in developing, procuring, maintaining people in an organization. Moreover, HRM is not only an applicable field for business organizations but it is also an application field for non-business organizations such as health care, education and government departments. Thus, the definition revels that HRM is all about organizing, planning and directing the personnel functions of an enterprise. Moreover, the main objective of human resource management is to ensure satisfactory accomplishment of organizational and its employees objective. HRM approach is needed in order to establish proper understanding among employees and management. Along with this HRM is required to establish better industrial relations, to develop organization commitment, to handle changing organizational environment etc. HRM of organization is responsible for setting up of general and specific management policy in order to maintain suitable organizational environment.

Objectives of HRM

There are four objectives of HRM namely societal objective, organizational objective, functional objective, and personnel objective.

Society objective- The main objective of HRM towards society is to ensure that weather the organization manages their human resources in an ethical way or not. In addition to this, the another objective of HRM towards society is to ensure that that employee’ s work under legal compliance which implies that rules and regulations designed by the legal bodies should be obeyed by the employees of the organization so the societal object will not get affected.

Organization objectives- HR department of any organization should focus on the accomplishment of organizational goals first. In addition to this, in an organization it is important that HR department recognizes its role in order to bring innovation and effectiveness in the organizations.

Functional objective- It is important for organization to achieve the functional objectives of the organization. HRM should employ and recruit skilled workforce for the organization so that the goal of organizations will be accomplished timely. In addition to this, HRM is responsible to make the people’s strength more productive and beneficial to the organization.
Personnel objective- it is known fact that personnel objectives of the employees must be met if the employees are to be maintained and motivated in proper manner. Moreover, if Personnel objectives of the employees are not met then it is possible that employee’s performance and satisfaction may decline.

Role of HRM
The main responsibility of HRM is to manage , organize, and motivate workforce for the accomplishment of organizational objections. HRM is important for organization in number of ways-

HRM is important for employees-  HRM focuses on the motivation of employees by providing them various incentives in terms of bonuses, rewards as these incentives create motivation among the employee’s which in return boost performance power of employees in an organization.

HRM is important for organization- HRM is important for organization due to the following reasons-

With the help of Good and efficient human resource organizations can attract and retain best suitable and eligible person in the organization. Globalization has increased the size of organizations who employ thousands of employees in different countries. Moreover, the performance level of company depends on the quality of people employed in the organization. HRM is important for the organization for meeting the future challenges of the organization. The important of HRM is increased because of the storage of good managerial talent in the country.

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