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Scales to Measure the Employee Morale

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Employee morale is the term that helps the managers to know about the working conditions of the employees. The employees with low morale would not have a positive attitude towards the organisation. The attitude of the employees is always affected by some things. You just read the factors that affect the morale of the employees. It becomes difficult for the managers to deal with the employees who have no willingness to work. But they have to recognise it using some scale that can help measure the level of morale in the employees.

Scales to measure the employee’s morale:

  • The impressions of the subordinates

You can know about the morale of the employees by their impressions and working conditions. If they are responding negatively and having reluctant or resisting impressions on their face, then it means that they have low morale. But if the employee is high better feedback, then their morale is high. They will be positively motivated in working for the organisation.

  • By taking guided interviews

It is also an effective method to measure the level of morale. The guided interviews are the structured interviews taken by the employers from the employees to know more about their working and the level of satisfaction. Thus, the guided interviews help the employees to know more by having direct interaction with the employees. There can be certain informal talks that can help the employers to know more about the employees.

  • Unguided interviews

These are the interviews that help the employers to have a one-to-one conversation with the employees. It is a complete formal talk that in which the employers have the complete freedom to ask anything about the working condition and on professional matters.

  • Combination of both guided and unguided interviews

There can be both the interviews in which we can have both guided and unguided ways. It will be a complete conversation that will be a mixture of both in which there can be an informal and formal conversation between the employee and the employer. Therefore, the employees will be having a direct contact in both of them and there will be interaction between them individually.

  • Analyse the records of the company

It is important to analyse the record of the company so that there should be a complete track of the performance of the employees. If you analyse it in a better way, you will be able to know if there is problem in the working method of the company or in the working method of the employees.

  • Listening process

The process of listening further involves some stages which can be describes as receiving the information at first and then understanding the problem by giving a thought process. Then the employees need to evaluate the complete situation to reach a particular conclusion. Then, there is remembering of the problem and responding back to the employees. Following this process, one can easily have the measurement of the level of morale.

  • Filling the questionnaire

It is one of the most common method that helps the employers to know about the high or low level morale of the employees. In this method, there are certain questions asked in the questionnaires that helps the employers to know about the satisfaction level of the employees. In this way, they can have a perfect view and then they can know more about the organisation’s level of comforting employees.

There are some other methods to know about the morale of the employees:

  • Job rotation

It is the best method that can help the employers to raise the feeling of high morale in the organisation. People get tedious while performing the same task again and again. Thus, they need to change their job within the same job role so that they can have a fresh environment and something new to work on everytime they get to work. It helps in building the high morale of the students so that employees can work with great satisfaction.

  • Modification in work environment

There should be a comfortable work environment for the employees so that they can get the enthusiasm at work. It will motivate them to come to office and to maintain a positive atmosphere at work. Thus, it helps the employees to stay positive at work.

  • Flexible working hours

There should be flexible working hours so that the employees can work as per their preference time. Sometimes, there is the need of going somewhere for some urgent time, the employer should understand that and make the timing bit flexible which do not harm the organisation or the employee.

  • Change in work environment

If there is a change in the work environment, it would be better for the employees as they get bored in the same environment and they do not get anything new to get excited about. Slight change in the environment can make them to have high morale.

  • Sharing the profits

Profit sharing can also be a beneficial point for the employees that can help them to feel positive about the organisation. If they feel like that they are also getting benefit from the profits of the organisations, then they will be more active in their work.

These are the things that help the employees to raise their morale at a higher level and to have a high enthusiasm level with great zeal.

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