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Social Media Management: Definition, Tools, Policy, & Impact on Business

Home Articles Social Media Management: Definition, Tools, Policy, & Impact on Business

Social Media is an online interactive platform which is used to create and share the information, ideas, career interests through virtual networks or communities. In other words, it's a platform which is used to communicate with different people and communities through digital devices. Business organizations are also using social media platforms to encourage free flow communication in an organization and promote a conducive environment.

Social media tools used by the business organization's

To stand out in the competitive market, business organizations are using social media platforms to operate their business and reach a wider audience in a short period of time and low cost. The most beneficial tools used by the business organizations in managing their operations are as follows:

  • HootSuite is the tool to manage multiple accounts of the company. with the use of this tool, a business organization can schedule the posts of an organization on all the social media apps. Thus analyze whole social marketing undertaken by the company.
  • Hubspot is the tool which is used to monitor the impact created by the post of the company. Thus it is the reporting tool and provides the information about the most engaging tool used by the company and use it to derive more results or sales.
  • Meet Edgar is the tool that automatically reshares the evergreen posts of the company. it measures the impact of traffic on social media platforms to engage more people in an organization.
  • Tweet Deck is a tool that provides the multi-columned layout to follow different conversations undertaken through different social media at the same time.
  • Buffer is the tool that can manage and schedule the posts of all the channels used by the company. it also provides the best time to post the content and track the impact of the content.
  • Sprout social is a tool used to monitor the mentions done by the clients over social media, it schedules the content of the company on social media. The report generated by the tool is used for future planning of development and use it more significantly.
  • Google analytics is the tool which analyzes all the factors done by a business firm because the content is always created after searching it on the search engines.

Impact of social media on business operations: the major impacts of using social media in business operations are as follows:

  • Better communication: With the use of social media to communicate within an organization, the informal contact will be made and improve coordination among all the members and employees of the company.
  • Cost saving: social media is the most economical platform of communication for the company. This feature increases the significance of using social media more.
  • Brand Positioning: The better use of technology and creating a high influence of the company and products and services provided by it will position the brand in the market.
  • Real-time customer satisfaction: The social media is the platform which creates a direct influence of the company on its customers and the influence can also be analyzed at the same time through different tools.
  • Potential lead generation: The company provides information on the potentials of the company to grow in different areas or segments.

Social media policy is a written document created by the management of the company providing guidelines for a code of conduct for employees or members. The policy specifies the content to be used by the company, the need and specification of the scheduling of posting the content by determining expectations or appropriate behavior of the company from the use of social media platforms in their business or marketing operations. The policy for use of social media for business growth and development of the company must include the following factors:

  • Social media sites to be used by the company.
  • Rules and the specification of information to be shared and posted on social media.
  • The policy must also specify the restrictions to share the confidential information of the company.

No information will be disclosed that can influence the stock prices of the company.

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