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Software Quality Assurance is a term used to represent a set of activities required for certifying the quality of the software for software engineering processes. SQA results in the guarantee of the quality of the software products. Here, the main essence of the software quality assurance is keeping in mind the certain attributes which are based on the software. 

Approaches for the quality for determining the quality of the software 

  1. Defect Management Approach
  2. Quality Attributes Approach 

Defect management approach- There is the definition of the defects as per the severity. Also, the number of defects are counted. For the measurement of the development of the capability of the process, there is a creation of the control charts. 

Quality Attributes Approach- There are six categories on which the approach depends. These are efficiency, maintainability, portability, reliability, usability, functionality. 


Thinking about the cost of the maintenance of the software is a significant task. it is so because of the conduction of the software testing of the product. It will take time, efforts and money. Also, it would be helpful for having an idea of the ROI (return on investment). 

There are two types of costs related to the conformance- 

  1. Prevention Costs-

It is the amount of money which is spent on quality assurance practices which are correctly followed. This includes code reviewing, training the development team, reviewing the other activities which are related to the quality assurance activities. 

  1. Appraisal Costs-

Here, the costs include the planning of the test activities as well as carrying the development of test cases and then it begins the execution. 

Types of the non-conformance costs are as follows- 

  1. Internal Failures- When some portion of the software fails on the execution of the tests take place on the internal level.
  2. External Failures- When the customer finds the defect in the software then this expense arises. 


Many of the programmers do not have the capability of differentiating the software quality assurance and software testing. You can read the entire article on the significance of the need for the software testing

SQA work on the implementation of the significant processes and their development. There are three proactive activities which are related to the quality assurance 

  1. Processes
  2. Defect Provision
  3. Continuous improvement of the processes 

Whereas, the process of the identification of the errors and the defects in the software come under software testing. There are several requirements for the clients which are needed to be fixed by the programmers. There is a special phase in which the testing is done, and it is named the testing phase, but the fixation of the defects does not come under the software testing.

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