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Meaning and Steps of Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay Meaning

An argumentative essay is always written for the purpose of persuading others about your ideas, beliefs, opinions by using powers of persuading others. It includes arguments from both the sides of an issue. Here both parties discussing an issue holds different opinions and ideologies, present their views towards each other and they also strengthen their opinions by refuting back the opponent’s views. So from this, we understand that there are few techniques and strategies needed to frame this essay so that it can appear meaningful and logical to the reader. Here are some of the strategies and ways to make a creative argumentative essay outline.

Apparently, there are four basic sections of framing anargumentative essay outline which is as follows-

  1. Strong introduction paragraph- Firstly, you will have to think of the hook which means an eye-catching, powerful statement to catch the reader’s attention. Secondly, it is also crucial to get familiar with the target audience as all have unique perceptions. Here your hook should be strong for example- If I have to make a convincing essay on why the importance of a second official language to be spoken in the United States should be encouraged along with the English language, then the opinion of using Spanish as the second language to be spoken in the United States. My hook should be strong enough to justify my point. As I will be giving the reason behind my notion is that most of the foreigners in the U.S speaks Spanish because of the neighborhood of Latin America. So, the hook should be strong.
  2. Background material- Avoid writing too much under this part. In other words, you can simply name a topic and provide an overview of what you will be discussing under the topic. It should not be exaggerated and made lengthy.
  3. Working on the thesis-This part should contain the main claims and arguments to justify your statements. No questioning should be used over here. The main point of view should be clearly and properly explained without any reluctance.
  4. Working on the arguments- This is very pertinent for writing an argumentative essay outline. Putting claims supported by a variety of evidence will enhance the quality of an argumentative essay. For that, you can also increase your body paragraphs up to 5. The claims can be followed by credible facts and statistics. These examples can be “12% increase in trade between the US and Mexico was a notice in 2014 when Arizona Government sent people who spoke Spanish to take part in the deal.” The readers too will also feel that your arguments are subjective until you provide counter-arguments.
  5. Cautious about opponent’s claims- Here you will need to understand that different individuals have varied perspectives and they think from their perception. While giving your ideas and opinions about your viewpoint, it's very important to be cautious about the opposite party’s claims and arguments which will in return help you in breaking their claims and ideologies. For example- if you are supporting that the second official language should also be made legal in the U.S like Spanish but along with that you will also have to look for the opposite viewpoints given by counterparties as for example- citizens of U.S are not willing to introduce Spanish as their second national language.
  6. Conclusion- The conclusion should also be robust and substantial to boost and amplify an argumentative essay outline. It's about restating the thesis statement by making it clear that it is the winning one. To make your statement intensify the argument, use louder arguments. For example- if you want Spanish to be given importance as considering the second or additional language in the U.S, you will have to make your arguments sound louder and meaningful to make it acceptable to the public of the U.S.

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Now we are going to confabulate the Argumentative essay outline example

Here are a few examples of how to frame an argumentative essay outline while writing a persuasive essay

Sample Outline # 1:Against the favor of the death penalty

Firstly, in the first paragraph, the introduction of penalties should be discussed while talking about crimes and laws. Then Rephrasing can be done which would be followed by the thesis statement. It is described as under-

Paragraph one:

  1. Human life is the most wonderful and precious gift from God.
  2. Then rephrasing the comments on the death penalty how people perceive it in the contemporary era and in conventional times.
  3. Making a thesis statement- the thesis statement can be like death penalty should be discarded in the interest of human rights.

Paragraph two: present the reasons why you are against it

  1. Cite times when innocent people were put to death.
  2. Cite the cases of human frailty within integrity.
  3. Cite statistics and facts of racism fluctuation the hand of the law system.

Paragraph three- saying the death penalty is expensive and involves cost.

  1. Present all costs which are directly or indirectly related to the death of the prisoner.
  2. Give facts about giving the death penalty is not the solution.
  3. Also, discuss that the death penalty is not a civilized act as civilized nations have already abandoned it, and it gives a nation an image of the barbaric and cruel country.

Paragraph four: emphasizing on the death penalty is unjust in every expression.

  1. Give assertions regarding death penalty forces the people to be deceitful that means choosing to be a criminal or getting indulged in crimes.
  2. Discuss that people who indulge in this often suffer from PTSD i.e. post-traumatic stress disorder.


The conclusion should be such that it may ensure that your case is cohesive and includes all relevant arguments to refute back the common arguments made by the opposite parties.

These are the important things to be kept in mind while giving an Argumentative essay outline example.