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Students, who are studying in high school or a university, are assigned with essay writing tasks most commonly. The main purpose to assign students with essay writing tasks is to teach them writing skills and critical thinking. A student can grasp in-depth knowledge about a specific topic. You can elaborate on your ideas and opinions regarding a particular topic. There are essay help sites present online that assists students in writing various types of essays.

In order to be successful in writing an essay for any topic with proficiency, you need to be an expert in writing all types of essays. When you are provided with a topic, your instructor seldom tells you about the type of essay. You should be able to identify the genre by reading the topic of the essay. After knowing the right type, you can easily construct the structure and arrange the content in different sections of the essay.

Following are 10 types of essays you should know to distinct the topics of academic essays.

1. Argumentative essay: The aim of an argumentative essay is to convince the reader for an opinion you believe in. It is essential to present logical and factual information to prove the concept. You have to write your essay to inspire readers and compel them to read until the end. You should acquire deep knowledge about the subject. Every angle of the issue should be discussed in the essay. Your ultimate aim should be to present your side of opinion more relevant and rational that the opposite side of the issue.

2. Narrative essay: A narrative essay is like telling a story. You have to focus on your personal experiences and present them in an interesting way. With the clarity of thoughts and ideas, you have to write in an artistic manner to let your readers enjoy your writing. With this type of essay, a writer gets a unique opportunity to acknowledge directly to the readers. Most of the essay help sites offer services for this type of essay.

3. Expository essay: What is an expository essay? It is a genre that should be informative in order to provide value to the readers. This type of academic paper delves to explain a topic in detail. The elaboration on various statistics and facts is provided to the audience to give them crystal clear picture of the subject. You can also add your opinions and views on the paper. Every student should conduct research precisely to collect data for the topic and present it in a concise and legible way. You can also get assistance from an essay help site to conduct research and gather data from reliable sources.

4. Compare and contrast essay: This type of essay includes a discussion on two or more than two subjects. It can be a place, object, person, or another thing. The main aim of this essay is to educate the audience about the similarities and differences among the subjects. With proper analysis, you have to elaborate every point for the respective subject, without any partiality.

5. College application essay: This an extreme variant of essays. In this type of students have to write all about themselves. It is a personal statement presented in order to impress the admission officer. It should be written with excellence, so you can refer to a reliable essay help site for guidance.

6. Case study essay: A case study is a comprehensive record in which detail is collected about the particular, person, group, institution or situation over a period of time. It is complex to write this paper. Efficiency is required to case study an event, person, etc. Thorough research is held to write concepts and rich information about the subject.

7. Scholarship essay: The aim of this type of essay is to earn a scholarship. The committee of an intuition examines the essays written by students to insight the dedication and goals of students. An essay that is written brilliantly, succeeds to win a scholarship. You have to prove that you deserve and are eligible for the scholarship in every way.

8. Analytical essay: An analytical essay is that in which one use analytical skills and present a claim in front of the audience. Once can extract information from the previous issues on a similar topic. All in all, the writer should emphasize on analyzing a relevant piece of work associated with the topic.

9. The five-paragraph essay: A five-paragraph essay include five paragraphs as the name indicates. The first paragraph is the introduction, three paragraphs for body and lasts for the conclusion. Information should be arranged in accordance with a suitable section. The thesis statement should be presented in the introduction.

10. Definition essay: This is a category of essay in which the writer has to define a term, in addition to the dictionary meaning. Students should follow the proper steps to write an excellent definition essay. You can add your personal views about the term, to offer a better understanding of the audience. Essay help sites with professional writers provide definition essays for a wide range of topics under many subjects.