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Capstone project (subject code COIT20265) is a project designed for the university students to get past from their graduation. The capstone project varies from university to university and focuses on learning outcomes practically. In the FNU (First National University) capstone project, there is a case study provided detailing background information of the university. Issues related to university is discussed and also discusses technical goals related to project. To complete the capstone project, the users face three parts i.e. part 1 (network security plan), part 2(network redesign) and part 3(security technology implementation). The article will be used to discuss a format that is followed in the capstone project.

Part 1: -

In part 1, a network security plan is developed to provide the security to FNU. It is a theoretical part in which a format is provided i.e. introduction, scope, assumptions, clear and concise statements, summary and analysis. In the introduction section, the users require to outline the plan and purpose of the project. The main focus in introduction is to explain the network security plan with respect to the First National University needs. In the scope part, the students must discuss the areas of FNU where the plan will be applied. In assumptions, its student’s choice to assume some points regarding the project. In statements section, the students require to discuss the security plan that is designed to achieve the security of the FNU. In summary and analysis section, current threats, challenges and vulnerabilities are discussed along with the discuss on current security environment of the FNU. More sections are required to discuss in the report like network security policies, information security policies, disaster recovery, security strategies and resources. Also, to complete the project, a network security plan template is provided in Moodle site.

Part 2: -

This part includes network redesigning for the first national university (FNU). In the network design, the main focus is on the technical goals like scalability, availability, network performance, security, manageability, usability, adaptability and affordability. Also, the students require to focus on other aspects like user’s behavior, type of application and services, bandwidth etc. In the assessment file of the capstone project, more points are discussed which should be included in the network redesigning.

Part 3: -

In part 3, the students need to discuss security technology implementation. It will include all the recommended controls that are discussed in part 1. In the practical implementation, at least 5 controls are recommended to configure by using a suitable tool. The security technologies are also suggested by the coordinator to implement in the network. But it is the choice of students to select the security technologies to implement. For example: - to implement a data backup and recovery technology to create backups of data to secure from theft or loss. Along with data backup technologies, other technologies like authentication system, file and web security, hardening of servers and network security including DMZs, firewall, IDS or IPS are discussed.


The capstone project is completely based on practical knowledge of network security implementation for the users. After completing the capstone project, the students will able to understand the network security plan, network redesigning methods and security techniques that are beneficial for the network security.