The Concept of Consumer Involvement in Marketing

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Some customers take the buying decisions very thoughtfully by weighing all the available alternatives so that they can get the best value for their money wh9ich they are going to spend on the purchase of a product or a service. These customers are highly involved in shopping and have significant involvement in judging the products. Whereas some customers do not pay much attention to the relevant aspects or the details and the benefits of a product and they have an n impulsive buying behaviours.

The customers who like to research the product they want to buy are the customers who have high involvement in the predicts. Thy has interest in all the features and benefits of the product, and they do all kind of research regarding that. They can collect the relevant information from varies sources such as visit the company website, read magazines or brochures and compare the products of different brands. The availability of the product at a little lesser price is also a criterion which an involved customer wants to know about. Hence, we can define the consumers involving as that state of awareness where the consumers find out all the essential information about a product and think about it in all relevant aspects before finally purchasing it.

The companies these days collet yet data to know about the expectations and needs of the customers and try to interact with them so that they can be retained. This practice is called as customer relationship management, and it is an important concept which all the marketing management students have to study and understand adequately. The CRM data is highly beneficial for the organizations, and you can get a broad insight into it in the article “The Customer Relationship Management and its importance”. The types of CRM and its advantages for the customers as well as for the companies are discussed in great detail in this article.


There are many factors which influence the process of consumer involvement which mainly involve the product, situational factors and the personal factors.

The product as the consumer involvement influence

When there is a higher risk of purchasing a product and service the consumer involvement increases significantly. For example, when a person has to buy a home, then he/she will pay more attention to every detail and decide after a thorough consideration after weighing all the available alternative. But if the consumer has to buy a toothbrush, then it is not necessary that he/she will pay much attention to that because there is a low risk of buying it.

The situational factor

Sometimes there arise some situations which trigger an emotional response and also an involvement in the product or service. The reason and purchase occasion for which the customer is buying a product can be a significant factor for involvement. For example, when someone shops for his or her marriage, then they are highly involved in all purchasing decisions. But if the customer has to buy a pair of socks, then it is not necessary that he or she will be that involved in the process that much.

The personal factors

The personal factor is an essential part of the consumer involvement process, and it has a high significance in the buying decisions. Fundamentally, there are three personal factors which can influence the involvement of the person in making a purchase decision and that are the need of the product or the service, the self-concept of the consumer and the values with which they lead their life.