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The Concept of Informatics

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The term informatics was coined firstly by the German computer scientist named as Karl Steinbach in the year of 1957 with respect to the published paper entitled “Informatics: Automatic Information Processing”. After that the term informatics then used interchangeably in the computer science as its German word named as “Informatik” basically translated to the English as computing or computer science. In the year of 1994, there was a formation of grouping by the University of Edinburg in Scotland which is now known as school of informatics which gave the general meaning of informatics and defines that informatics is considered as the study of algorithms, structure, interactions, and behavior of the natural as well as artificial computational systems.

This meaning then gained widespread use in United Kingdom. There is still not any universal meaning of informatics as different enterprises, educational systems etc. have their own meaning for it. But all of these different ways of providing the definition of informatics still considered as adhere to same core about the application and study of information as well as information technology.

Informatics basically studies the processing, communication, and representation of the information in the engineering and natural systems. It has cognitive, social, and computational aspects. The central notation is considered as the transformation of the information whether with respect to the communication and computation, whether by artifacts and organisms. The proper understanding of informational phenomenon such as cognition, computation as well as communication also enables the technological advances. In turn, the technological progress basically prompts the scientific enquiry. The science of information as well as engineering of the information system also develops hand in hand. Informatics is also considered as the emerging discipline that basically combines two.

In the natural as well as artificial systems, the concept of information is basically carried at many of levels that are ranging from the electronic devices and molecules through computers or nervous system. Informatics is basically developing its own and fundamental information concept of knowledge, interaction, information, communication language and thought. There are a number of aspects of informatics and it also encompasses several academic disciplines such as cognitive science, computer science, and artificial intelligence.

Each takes part of the informatics with respect to its natural domain and in broad terms, the cognitive science basically concerns with the computation analysis and computing system design. Therefore, the informatics basically concerns with the link between these disciplines with respect to the methodologies as well as perspectives that bring together a common engineering method and a scientific paradigm and also has a pervasive stimulus from the advancements in technology along with the practical applications.

Informatics is considered as the study of behavior as well as structure of a particular system that stores, generates, as well as process the information in order to make it in representable form and is basically considered as the science of information. The field of information basically takes into consideration the interaction between the user and the information system along with the construction of interfaces between two. Informatics is also considered as the branch of information engineering which comprises of practice of information processing as well as the engineering of information system.

This field basically considered the interaction between the information and humans along with the construction of technologies, interfaces, systems and organizations. The field of informatics basically has great breadth and it also it encompasses many of the subspecialties such as information system, statistics, computer science and information technology. From the advent of individuals, organizations, and computers, there is an increase in the digital information which further led to the study of informatics with mathematical, cognitive, social, biological, and computational aspects comprises of the study of information technologies’ social impact.

Therefore, Informatics is considered as the discipline of science which basically investigates the properties as well as structure of the scientific information along with the regularities of scientific activity, information, its theory, the organization, and its history. The term informatics can broadly be classified into five main areas of classification such as translational bioinformatics, clinical research informatics, clinical informatics, consumer health informatics, and public health informatics.

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