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What is the Greenhouse effect?

The greenhouse effect is the natural process in which solar energy or solar radiations get trapped in earth’s atmosphere in the form of heat and thermal energy. The atmosphere of earth become slightly warmer due to direct heating that leads to the greenhouse effect. Greenhouse effect also happened due to certain gases namely methane, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, ozone, fluorinated gases (CFC’s) etc. As the earth is a good reflector or absorber of heat, the heat trapped by the earth will get radiated back into the atmosphere. This leads to the greenhouse effect that warms the atmosphere.  Earth will remain warm enough, due to the greenhouse effect that sustains life over the earth. It is scientifically proved that without greenhouse effect the temperature of the earth would drop to 14 degrees Celsius to -18 degree Celsius. Some of the naturally occurring phenomena’s such as evaporation, volcanic eruption also added to the greenhouse effect. It is very important to reduce the greenhouse effect for subsistence and survival of mankind and for other life forms over the earth.

Cause of Greenhouse effect?

There are various factors that cause the greenhouse effect, some of them are- naturally occurring phenomena’s and mankind activities. Earth atmosphere traps heat energy and emits observed energy back into the atmosphere that warms the surface of the earth and leads to the greenhouse effect. Nowadays, earth continuously bombarded with a large number of heat radiations such as visible light, infrared radiations, ultraviolet radiation etc. No doubt, greenhouse gases act as a glass wall that helps in the subsistence of life over the earth but from last few years, the greenhouse effect becomes a great issue. Natural phenomena’s such as evaporation adds water vapour to the atmosphere and that water vapours trap a lot of heat radiations which in return leads to global warming. Animals and plants also add a greenhouse effect by emitting carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere. Greenhouse effect cause due to the emission of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are efficient in absorbing infra-red radiations, Methane, water vapours, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, CFC’s, Ozone etc. The most abundant greenhouse gas found on earth surface is hydro-vapours. As water vapour possesses good absorbance capability. Thus, due to its absorption nature, water-vapours absorb IR radiation emitted by the earth and then transform absorbed energy to the surrounding air molecules. The volcanic eruption also contributes to the greenhouse effect. Most of the people burn fossil fuels that emit a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere. Cutting down of tree results in the greenhouse effect due to which CO2content will rapidly increase over earth surface.

Greenhouse effect leads to drastic climatic change-

A small increase in greenhouse effect results in the melting of glaciers and ice caps. Due to the rise of earth temperature, melted water drains into the water bodies that raise the sea levels insignificantly. The rise in sea level leads to flood and displace people and animals from their habitat. Due to the greenhouse effect, climate will undergo uncertain and unexpected changes. Some of the scientists also state that due to the change of climate, many tropical diseases will expand which in return adversely effects the subsistence level.

Due to the greenhouse effect many animal’s losses their natural habitat-

Due to the greenhouse effect, many of the wildlife creature’s loss their natural habitat for example- recently, polar bears lose their habitat due to global warming. Natural breeding ground and coastal habitats of polar bears and other cold-weather creature would be washed away due to the greenhouse effect. As if animals drifted from one region to another, leads to battles between species for food and shelter. Marine life would also get destroyed due to the greenhouse effect. due to greenhouse gases, the alkalinity of water would be increased that lead to the insufficient presence of oxygen in water bodies.

Deforestation leads to global warming-

Deforestation is defined as “cutting down more and more tree”. Due to deforestation, more carbon dioxide will be added to the atmosphere. according to World Carfree Network survey, burning of fossil fuels is the major cause of global house effect. As fossil burn burns along with the emission of lots of carbon dioxide gas. Molecules of carbon dioxide trap IR radiations and emit back into the earth which may lead to global warming. To reduce the carbon content from the atmosphere afforestation plays a vital role. trees absorb carbon dioxide which in return reduce the carbon content in the atmosphere.

What activities and step should be required to reduce the greenhouse effect-

There are various activities that help in the reduction of greenhouse effect such as-

1. Do not use non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels in public transportation. People should need to use hydrogen fuel which is considered to be eco-friendly fuel and do not emit harmful pollutants into the atmosphere.
2. Aeroplanes emit lots of greenhouse gases in the environment which leads to the greenhouse effect. thus, to reduce the greenhouse effect, people should need to use hydrogen gas.
3. People should use only that products that can be reusable, decomposable, recyclable, and reducible. By following this activity people can able to save 24,000 pounds of carbon dioxide gas emission.
4. Afforestation is the biggest activity that helps in the reduction of the greenhouse effect in society. As tree absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen that in return reduce the carbon content in the environment.
5. Global warming would be reduced to a large extent only when people save electricity. People can save electricity by turning off lights, fans, and other electrical appliance when they are not in use.
6. Encourage people to conserve energy resources by conducting various programs related to environmental facts.
7. People should use less hot water for household or domestic purpose. his in return save energy to a large extent, by adopting this factor people can able to save a minimum of 500 pounds of energy each year.