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Organising; The Meaning and Process

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What is organising?

The organisation is always in need of the organising the efforts of the members in such a way that the common goals are achieved. But it requires establishing some relationship among the employees. In other words, we can say that the organising requires establishing a working relationship with the employees and that is known as the relation between the subordinate and superior. This indicates the delegation of authority and assignment of work among them all. To whom the authority is delegated is known as the subordinate and who delegates it is called as the superior.

The organising refers to the process of integration, unification and coordinating and some other activities that has to be performed by the employees for the attainment of objectives. It is also a process of making a determination and arrangement of certain activities, role and relation. It also implies a working method that involves a large number of people who are putting their efforts in a systematic manner and work for the achievement of common goals.

There are organisational charts also that are used for the organisations. read the uses and limitations of organisational charts.

Here, we will study the complete process of organising:

  • Identify the activities

The process starts with the identification of the activities and the manager has to work on it. First of all, he has to determine the tasks to be performed so that there can be achievement of the goals. Therefore, the main objective of the organisation is to provide a direction to the employees by verifying their activities and working methods.

  • Determining the objectives

The companies are based on some goals that have to be achieved for the success of the organisation. And it requires the functions for the attainment of those objectives. The determination of those tasks for the determining the objectives is important. For instance, if we talk about the company that deals with the exports, then there is the determination of the goods that the company has to export, and the sources that can help them to increase the exports and sales and they also have to study about the countries to whom they can start their exports. To determine the load of the employees is the first task and their objectives for the smooth working of the whole process.

  • Dividing the work

Then, there is the division of the work after identifying the activities of the employees so that there is proper allocation of the roles and responsibilities. The employees are performing certain roles and their roles further consist of many duties and daily tasks. Thus, to make a check that they are performing their duties and all are working equally, it is important to organise the working of whole organisation.

There are following benefits of division of work:

  • More output

If there is proper allocation of the tasks, there would be the increase in the output. If each is working dedicatedly on his assigned task, they will be more focused rather than loading a person with lots of tasks. The tasks assigned should consist various sub-tasks so that the employees are engaged and working efficiently on their duties.

  • More efficient tasks

The tasks will be more efficient than prior to the performance of the individuals will improve, and there will be an enhancement of the skills. If the employee is focusing on the tasks assigned to him as per his capabilities, then he will complete it with full dedication and will come up with better results.

  • Train the workers

The division of the work allocates the division of the complex tasks in small parts making it less complicated. Thus, the less-skilled workers can learn the various tasks easily and perform it in a better way.

  • The collaboration of the tasks

Once, there is a division of the tasks; there is the collaboration of the work so that the people should work in the groups and different divisions. But the superiors have to consider the segmentation of the departments before collaborating the work. Those departments should collaborate that are homogeneous and have the same kind of activities. The tasks related to the specific product can collaborate, or the collaboration regarding the process can be there among the people working in the same area.

  • Assigning the tasks

Then, there is the assignment of the tasks so that employees can perform their duties and activities. The employees have to follow the criteria and perform the duties that their superiors have assigned. In the assigning of the tasks, there has to be proper relationship building among the employees for the better functioning and performance of the job.

  • Making the hierarchy

When the tasks are assigned, there arises a delegation of authority, and with that, there is the reporting of the duties performed. There are different departments and their divisions in which the whole process is divided. Thus, there is a reporting structure that is built for the accountability, and a part of authority is delegated to the employees by the superior for the perfect completion of the tasks and duties. The delegation is carried out from the upper level to lower level in a well-planned manner, and the authority is from top to down.

  • Integrating the tasks

Then, there is the segmentation of the various tasks that has to be performed by the employees according to the division of their departments. There is integration for the better functioning of the employees so that the tasks are divided and each will perform in a better way. Then there is the synchronisation of all the departments so that there can be better performance and achievement of the targets. The main focus is on the achievement of the team spirit so that team is motivated to work together and come up with better outcomes.

Thus, the whole process of organisation serves as the main part towards the achievement of the goals so that there can be the better functioning and high performance of all the employees.

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