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The Process of Manpower Planning in HRM

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The manpower planning is also known as human resource planning. This is an essential function of the human resource department. Manpower planning can be defined as the process of estimating the required number of people to do a particular job or to complete the particular project at the given point in time. The main criteria in which the manpower planning includes are the number of individuals, the range of skills required needed for a particular business assignment, and the time frame in which the company should see the results etc. Every organization has to forecast the need for the resources in advance so that no process gets delayed. This is an ongoing process where the managers have to look for the most suitable talents for specific jobs responsibilities.

The manpower planning also deals with the questions such as how and when new employees should be acquired. It is highly essential to keep the organizational goals in mind before making strategies to acquire new talent. Envisioning the future trends and technological changes is the primary task of management officials so that their organization can be prepared for the future.


Planning the requirement and availability of the manpower is the highest necessity of any business organization. This practice helps the companies to become future ready to combat any technological or methodological change. The skill set of the employees become obsolete when new techniques and methods step in any industry. It is highly essential that they keep the knowledge base and the competencies up to dare to meet the requirements of the market. When

1. The process of manpower planning

One of the significant responsibility of the HR department if the company is to keep an eye on the availability of the necessary personnel’s to do a job correctly and efficiently. The need for new human resources arises due to some reasons such as the skills required to work with new technology, increase in demand for the product or service, the expansion of the organization etc. The companies have to take the manpower planning through a set procedure of systematic steps which are written as below:

2. Understanding the current talent of the organization

The HR managers have to analyze the skills and competencies which already exists in the organization. It can be done with the help of a database of the employees. This can also be assessed from the performance appraisal data. The human resources personnel usually create a skill inventory where they keep all the skills and experience details of the employees written. These skills inventories are of great use when there arise a need for hiring new employees for a specific role. Many times they get the employees in their firm who can perform an explicit purpose. Therefore, understanding the organizational talent pool is very important and beneficial for the companies. This also saves a lot of time in the HR department. Here the HR managers can analyze the available skill sets and the employees with the needed qualification at the location where he/she is required.

3. Envisioning and forecasting the future needs

The primary role of every leader is to forecast the future needs of the market and the inclination of the consumer towards a particular trend. The need for forecasting arises due to the rapidly changing techniques and methods. The globalization has also played an important role in increasing the uncertainty in the industries. Therefore the companies should take decisions very strategically so that they can meet the customers demand in the changing environment also. For this, they need to hire suitable employees who know the latest technology and the current methods of the processes.

4. Recruitment and selection of the new employees

One of the most widely used ways to acquire the talented employees is the recruitment and selection process. This is the fundamental purpose of these processes is to appoint the best available talent base which is available in a particular market. The recruitment is the set of procedures with the help of which the companies create a pool of applicants for a specific role. The managers use many tools to create awareness among the candidates such as the job portals, employment exchanges, campus interviews and even the internal hiring from the company itself. The selection procedure entails the telephonic and the personal interview with which the companies select the most suitable candidates for a job.

5. Training the employees for higher productivity

The training and development process is also a tool with the help of which the companies enhance the skills of their employees. Before imparting the straining the HR department analyses, the need for training with training needs identification. The programs are designed to improve particular skills so that the employees can do a job in a better way.

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