Things You Should Know to Be a Social Media Manager

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We are going to present the six essential tasks that a social media manager has to carry out to guide a company to success.


As you already know, content is a key component in any marketing function. Social networks are not an exception. It is essential that you create and adapt all the content specifically for each social network.

So you will have to perform tasks such as writing content for positioning in less than 140 characters, the creation of images, designing different messages with some variations on the same content. The useful life of a message in social networks is very short, so you will have to create content from scratch specifically to enhance the growth of a particular social network.


As marketing tasks are increasingly conditioned by data, it is very important that as a content manager in social networks, you can deepen the data, analyse it, and extract knowledge that can be put into practice.

You have to be able to read the data constantly to take the most intelligent decisions based on them for the interests of your company. Besides, the continuous realisation of new strategies, content and campaigns is as fundamental as the one that you perform a daily basis to analyse the results to optimise the efforts that you put in the field of marketing.


Being in social media is like being in a room full of people in an event where everyone talks and things happen all the time. It is vital that you be up to date on everything. You need to know what people are saying, what is changing on social networks and in your industry, and that you can react and respond accordingly.


You take care of the activity in social networks, so you act as the voice of the company for the different audiences, including clients, potential clients, journalists and fans. You constantly receive questions and comments about your company's products, services and content - which are not always positive. You have to be able to communicate with different people (for example clients and non-clients) who will come to you with different dispositions or moods.


The users of a good social community are not limited to committing themselves to the company or the moderator of the social network in particular, but they also commit themselves to each other. However, providing all the elements for our public to become a community requires hard work: questions that give rise to debates or discussions, the expulsion of users that only generate spam or in some way detract others from your community.


Social networks are a powerful tool to give greater scope to the content you have created, attract the new visitors to your website and generate leads as well as to get the leads to become your customers. As a social media professional you have to learn to collect and share the right content to help you meet these goals.

You must also carry out new campaigns to find the best ways to make your followers loyal to your social networks. As a manager of social networks in your company, you have to attend and get involved one-on-one with potential customers who are considering your product or your services, or even with those who need your help. Social networks are a basic tool for you since they allow the user to participate in total freedom in the way he or she considers most appropriate.

If you share content oriented to social networks, you will attract more visitors to your page, and the chances of getting leads will increase. In a study, more than 50% of the companies say they have obtained a client through Facebook, more than 40% have obtained a client through LinkedIn, and more than 35% through Twitter.