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Tips to Improve the Efficiency of B2B of Marketing

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Email marketing is the main way to acquire customers and generate leads. It is an effective formula to cultivate relationships with prospects, potential customers or existing customers. Email has grown into one of the most dominant means to establish effective communication with the client. Near about 86% of professionals in the B2B sector opted for email as the main source of commercial communication, according to data from HubSpot.

Email messages can be called as being a simple and one of the most direct ways to talk to the customers. It allows ample possibilities of personalisation and options when controlling the timing of the message and, together with other technologies, such as mobile devices, geolocation and push notifications, multiplies their effects and conversion probabilities.

The customisation and automation of marketing are the two major trends that will impact on email marketing in 2018. Also, the application of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will significantly influence the design of communication strategies and the treatment of the personal data of the users.

Here are some tips to optimise the results:


Email is the third most important source of information in the B2B sector. However, the sending of multiple emails, spaced out or with too much content may lead users to unsubscribe in communications. Emails that do not extend beyond 100 words are those that have the best response rate. The message must include a persuasive call to action and at least one image that adds dynamism. The challenge is to focus on the relevant content that captures the essence of the brand.


The volume of subscribers is not synonymous with quality. It is important to pay attention to the activity of the list of subscribers and identify those users who do not open or interact with the emails of those who do. In this way, you can create strategies and messages focused on capturing the attention and interest of those subscribers who obviate communication. This segmentation of audiences will allow the creation of messages according to the needs of the clients based on their commitment to the brand, its characteristics or the point of the purchase process in which they are located.


More than half of the emails are read using one or the other mobile devices. However, adapting to these formats is not only a technological issue and a responsive design, but it also implies a change in approach. The development of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) or browsing without leaving the mail are issues that will affect when designing messages. First of all, it is crucial to verify that communications can be opened and read in different browsers and devices.


The protection of the user's data and the obtaining of the permissions and express consent for the treatment of these will mark the development of email marketing in 2018. Transparency and clarity must prevail in all communications. Further 90% of users prefer that brands and companies request their permission before contacting them.


The most powerful trend for this year is the automation of marketing and personalisation thanks to artificial intelligence. According to data from the annual State of Marketing report, 65% of potential B2B customers will change brands if the company does not treat them in a personalised way. Thanks to strong and adaptable software and the application of artificial intelligence or Machine Learning systems, companies can reduce campaign costs and increase the conversion rate in email marketing.

The great challenge is to analyze and treat the information in an efficient way, that is, to take the step from Big Data to Smart Data, to achieve better results and greater benefits with the least number of emails.

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