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Essays are the assessment tools used by almost all the universities and colleges of the world. Essays are the academic writings which involve an in-depth analysis of the facts and figures. With the help of these essays, the professors of the university evaluate the students’ understanding regarding a specific topic or subject. These essays fall into the category of formal essays. Therefore there are a set of rules which should be followed while writing them.


If you are a university student, then you must be aware of the frequently assigned essays by the teachers. With these writing, you can prove your ability on many grounds such as:

  • To understand the task which has been given to you in the form of a title
  • To research and investigate your topic to gather relevant information for your writing
  • To assemble the collected information and giving it a proper structure
  • To select the most appropriate data which can support the central theme of your study
  • To construct an argument and supporting it with the help of suitable evidence
  • To produce a conclusion which is well-supported by the facts and proves

These are a wide range of skill sets, and for writing a precise paper, you need to master all of them. This is also the reason why the essay writing format is prevalent among the assessment criteria of most universities. There are other guidelines too which makes the essay writing, ore tedious and skilful task. For example, you will get a topic, and you have to present an essay on that in a particular word limit. It is your task to finish your writing on that word limit. In that, you need to include every section of your essay. You need to express your thoughts and ideas in relatively less number of words.


The essay writing is a bit technical thing, and you need to abide by many rules when you start writing your college paper for the academic submission. The following points will help you to write an immaculate paper:

  • Keep the language precise and appropriate. As these are the formal types of essays, therefore, they need to be written with sophisticated language. But do not stuff your paper with technical jargons which you or the people of your field can understand. Instead, try to make it as simple as you can.
  • Avoid using long and complicated sentences. The more your sentences will be crisp and clear, the more your readers will like your study.
  • The use of ornamental phrases and cliché should also be minimized. Do not use them until it is severely essential to make your point.
  • Never use inappropriate words or slangs no matter which type of essays you are writing.
  • Read and analyze your topic of the study several times and take a second opinion also to know whether you have understood its purpose or not. You can also seek help from your teachers and ask them to help you understand the topic.
  • When you research on the title of your study, then you should make it sure that you only refer to legit sources of study. For this, you should read more textbooks and reference books available in your college library. You can also take help from internet sources but analyze their legitimacy from before picking the information from them.
  • Never forget to give acknowledgement to the sources of information from where you have taken some info to make your arguments stronger. You should provide references by writing them in the citation style preferred by your college or university.
  • Proofread your papers several times before finally submitting them to the examining authorities of your college. Take help from your friends or take assistance from a professional proofreader who can examine all sections of your essay minutely. Do not submit your papers without proofreading them, come what may.
  • Start writing the essay as early as they are assigned to you. Usually, the deadlines are very short, and the writing task is very much. Therefore you need to plan how are you going to write your essay in the prescribed time. If you have enough time to devote to every section, you will very likely end up with creating an excellent paper.

While writing an essay in English, it is essential to take care of grammar and spellings. To avoid losing scores over silly errors you should go for essay helpDon’t hesitate in browsing, “write my essay online. It is okay to seek help rather than committing mistakes.   

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