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Torrens University is one the popular universities of Australia which is involved in a process of new enrolment and timetabling system. The system which is intended to deploy in the organization must be a built-in house. The university has a very strong information system for processing of all the operations which is suits of programs and the students of that particular program which shows great insight and promise. The system which is used in the university has signaled its intention to seek input from the students who are involved in the consulting process.

It is also analyzed that the enrolment system that is to be deployed in any company must be web-enabled so that students associated with the university can easily interact and access its computers, phones or tables on a variety of operating systems and platforms which are being used within the systems. The process which is required to be included to be in the information system which will be designed for the Torrens University is that Program Director will be responsible for performing a survey of progression of current students and make them educate guess about any students who enter the program. After that program director will schedule the classes for the students of Torrens University campuses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide aim to provide all the students with an optimum number of core and effective subjects. After that the program director will allocate classes to the teaching staff. The main responsibility of the timetabling manager is to allocate classrooms to the classes which are available for the students who have to enroll themselves in the course. After that, the main responsibility of system is to allow the program director to perform their job of opening classes and after that timetabling manager will schedule the classes in rooms at the time that work for processing. Later on, the students can easily enroll in the classes which suit their private timetable according to their sleep, work, socializing and of course study. Then after that system will generate a timetable for each user which they will interact with.

In this assessment basically, the use-case diagram will be designed after identifying all the information and processes which are required to be considered within the information system which is to be designed for Torrens University.

A use case diagram model depicts the functionality of a system through use cases and actors. Use cases are a set of events, actions, functions, and services required to be performed to complete the system. Whereas actors are people and entities who are required to perform such activities or events. Thus, the use case diagram is basically a dynamic or behavior diagram, which is utilized to show various processes in any system. Use case diagram is created in UML. After designing of use case diagram, the peer's use-case diagram will be reviewed in order to check its suitability for high-level requirements which are required for the programmer, which will help in improving the constructive criticism of another student.