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Training and Development and International Performance at Woolworths Ltd

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Woolworths Ltd, the second largest company in Australia deals in food and extensive real interest throughout the Australian continent. It has become the largest takeaway liquor retailer, gaming poker machine operator, and the largest hotel in the continent. There are several divisions of the company in Australia and New Zealand. The company has been working with a vision and to bring a lot of changes in the working environment. There is a list of subsidiaries of the company operating in many areas. The latest achievement of the company is that half of the company’s workforce is women. That is, it has gained gender balance. There are no gender wage gaps now in the supermarket. In addition to this, the company has worked to get indigenous team members with a count of 1,875 through employment parity program. The company also train all its employees, let us see how.

Training and Development

The company focuses on building relationship with its employees and is committed to the long-term transformation of the workforce to help them develop necessary skills. This will also generate their supply base. The company has something new and productive to offers its people. The best thing about the training of the employees at the company is that it heads towards promoting diversity in all the forms and it has chosen to do so by building an inclusive culture. It is significant as it is supposed to embrace the variations in the organization of the community.

The secret to success of the company is the execution of the employment practices which must be responsible, enlightened and fair. Every task of the company from growing food, to selling it, the employees are supported and trained through the process. It is a value-based company reflecting its values in all the work it does. Driving and establishing the underpinned employment experience is the strategy undertaken at the company.

How the company has reached to such heights

The high-level value prepositions followed at the organization leads the process. It lets appointment of the right leaders. It is the first step which must be strong in order to make a solid foundation of the entire processes to be undertaken. After, the development and retaining of the best diverse talent at the right place is followed. Having right culture at the organization also matters a lot resulting in optimized results.


All these employment practices have resulted in an increase in the customer satisfaction. Also, the training has resulted in the rise in the skills of the employees and it has been found that the training has excelled them in various factors, and motivation is on the top.

International Performance Management

On the international work of the company, the CEO has said that he always focuses on being sustainable to achieve the desired. There are several commitments which the organization have made to be fulfilled till 2020. Woolworths Group is a signatory to UNGC. There is a set of core values which are to be focused in different areas such as labour standards, human rights, anti-corruption etc. It is a purpose-based company with emphasis on crating better experiences together. Let us see how the organization manages every aspect of its performance.

  1. Every team member goes through unconscious bias training.
  2. Focus on encouraging cultural diversity
  3. It supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment.
  4. Creating a safe environment is one of the commitments of the company safeguarding wellbeing and health of the people at the workplace.
  5. It is also moving towards a circular economy by generating zero waste.
  6. Recyclability of the product packaging of the brand and contributing to the circular economy is another step taken.

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