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Introduction and background

This section includes the introduction and background to the selected topic. Here the selected topic is Urban Transportation and technology. Following is the example:

For example:

Urbanization refers to the population shift from the rural areas to the urban areas. the gradual increase in the proportion of the people who are living in the urban areas and the ways in which the society adapts to the change also comes under urbanization. The united nations projected that the half of the population of the world would live in the urban areas from at the end of the year 2008. And, it is predicted that there would be 64% of the developing world as well as 86% of the developed world will be urbanized till the year of 2050.

Review of literatures

In this section, include a review of literature on the basis of past and current work of different authors on the urbanization. The review of literatures should be on the urbanization, transportation, and technology.

For example:

(Harris, Wang, & Wang, 2015) describes the present applications of information and communication technology in the transport industry and also include the freight transport as the largely supported by the various enabling technologies.

Problem statement

Rapid increase in the various private vehicles which dominates the road for transporting is responsible for public health related issues such as air pollution, noise, gas emissions etc. only the people who are aware with the technology and technological advancements may have the offers of employment. Also, the investing and planning wisely in the infrastructure can be the huge problem for the sustainable urban transportation.

The main significance of the study is that it includes the valuable information related to the implementation of technologies in transportation sector.

Conceptual framework

The use of technology in the urban transportation is an independent variable. This variable directly affects the dependent variable which is public convenience.

Research methods

Qualitative research method is selected in this research in terms of the transportation and urbanization. The research is undertaken with proper planning, review, and design of other literatures in concern with the urban transportation. The collection of data is done with the people from different age groups who are residing in a particular area with employment status, income, house hold size etc. therefore, the primary data collection method is used in this research. along with this, the data which is collected from the primary number of respondents is analyzed properly with the use of subjective analysis in the research.

Results and limitations

The overall results of the research depict that cities are engines of the economic growth in any of the developing country. The economic performance of any of the sector can easily be improved by giving careful attention to the different requirements of freight. Development in the various technologies of transportation include cloud computing, wireless communication, social networking, and the smart transportation payment.

The limitation of the research is that it does not include the survey and case study approach in order to study about the various cities in which the urbanization is done along with various technological innovations. Therefore, the future scope of the research include the case study based analysis on the developed countries or cities in order to provide the impact of urbanization.

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