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Uses and Limitations of Organisational Charts

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The organisational charts are used for the representation of the whole reporting structure of the organisations. This is also known as organogram. These charts show the complete hierarchy of the organisation and also used for the research and development purpose. The charts are made in almost all the organisations, and the managers take great help from them.

The charts of the organisation are purposeful devices that help to show the entire organisation at once. In this article, we will study the uses of the organisational charts and the limitations of it. But we have also written some articles on the principles and process of organisation; you must read the principles of organising for advanced learning.

Uses of organisational charts

  • The organisation charts help to depict the whole picture of the organisation simply. It does not require any complicated method. They also offer the complete view of the shape of the organisation.
  • It makes it easy to analyse the organisational structure, and one can have easy insight into its process, structures, the level and delegation of authority, the lines of staff and its relations.
  • These charts can also be used for the purpose of deployment of the resources used by the organisation.
  • If we work on the preparation of the organisational charts, it will help us know more about it, and we will be able to eradicate the maximum drawbacks that are related to the organisation. For instance, there can be dual commands, overlapping of the major activities, over-specialisation and other certain inconsistencies etc. And the people can help to make it better.
  • The charts representing the organisation are of major use to the human resource department. They can help the employees to provide training to the new people, facilities to the management, determination of the promoting ways etc.
  • With the help of the organisational charts, we can have better SWOT analysis of the organisation that can help us to evaluate the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats to the employees.
  • These charts also help the employees to get a base for the management so that we can cope with the change in the environment at the time and they can also plan the required changes that are useful for the organisation.
  • The charts of the organisation are also used as the evidence that offers the discipline and purposefulness of the system as it tries to remove the mess of the people so that there is better functioning in the organisation.
  • If we take the help of the organisational charts, it becomes quite easy to deal with the outside sources so that we can get a better view of all the related departments of the company and it also helps to have an arrangement in a required order.
  • While preparing the charts, we can have smooth and proper functioning of the whole organisation. It is due to the possible interruptions that stop the working of the company.
    These were the uses of the organisational charts. Now we will discuss the limitations that the organisations have to face with the use of these charts.

Limitations of organisational charts

  • If we talk about the organisational charts, most of the times they are only the snapshots and do not depict anything in detail. Thus, they are of no use, and they cannot reflect anything. The presence of the structure is as per the engineering method, and that’s why they do not contain the dynamism, and thus it does not help to imply to the open-system of the organisations.
  • The charts often reflect the complete working of the organisations, and the people find out the excessive bureaucratic relations and excess of authority among the employees. Thus, there can be the negative impact of these charts, and it can influence more of bureaucratic relations.
  • There are the changes on a regular basis in the companies that bring about a change in the process, working and structure of the organisation. Thus, the charts do not hold any value at that time. And the changes are on a regular basis for the better functioning of the organisations.
  • The major drawback we can talk about is that in actuality they do not reflect any useful information in it so that the people can have a better knowledge about the working of the organisation. And it cannot depicts any informal relation among the employees that have an influence on the workings and behaviour of the organisation.
  • If the charts are not created properly, then they can also mislead the people. It is due to the reason that they are not constructed properly, and it also avoids the exact working.
  • We can also say that the charts do not reflect the basic model organisations and its content. They do not even highlight the actual quality of the working of the organisation. We cannot depict the effectiveness of working in those charts.
  • The charts made for the organisational structure also fail to depict the authority properly. And they are not even capable of explaining the authority and accountability. We also have to put extra effort to know the reporting structure of the organisation.
  • It also fails to know the adequate working of the organisations. And the inconsistencies of the working method.

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