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Mode is considered as a culturally and socially shaped resource that is used in context of meaning making. Modes not only includes the language but the gestures, space, image and sound as well. Multimodal text is referred as the direct combination and collaboration of more than two communication modes as stated by ACARA. Multimodal text is referred as a strategic and innovative way to represent the theoretical data to the user so that he could read and understand it with great interest. It is not possible at all to complete any assignment or work without using multimodal text in it in both direct or indirect mode.

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Some researchers use pictorial data in the file and other prefers to make use of integrated files, font styles and images styles as well so this is the indirect way of using multimodal text in the file. It has been researched that teaching and learning cycle is initially evolved for writing, teaching and reading that further offers a logical as well as systematic process for the teaching created through the use of multimodal texts.

Importance of teaching multimodal texts

The approach of multimodal text supports the process of teaching students and also specifies the successful ways of creating highly ranged texts for different objectives and audiences. It has been observed that using multimodal text helps in clearly communicating the agenda of teaching a specific subject or corresponding topic or module.

Multimodal texting makes the life of students easy as it provides them new way of learning. The students can explore their learnings just with the use of graphical content. It has been researched that multimodal text could be printed, physically or digitally. Visual text and image in children’s picture book work collaboratively in order to share the narrative. Thus, there is a great importance of multimodal text in teaching, learning and research work to explore the key learnings of the reader.

Way to create multimodal text

The best way to create multimodal text is to merge more than two ways of information representation together such as images, videos, and text itself. Multimodal text not only include the textual information but also the gestures mode that includes body language of a person and movement as well. It’s not hard to understand the viewpoint of a person juts by analyzing his external body language, behavior and attitude.

The biggest task is to decide which kind of individual need to be taught with which key strategy and which teaching styles need to be collaborated effectively such as- textual content + graphical content, image based + video clip-based file etc. It is not hard to create multimodal text but it is quite challenging to understand which combination will best suit the individual need and to what extent.

Misconceptions related with multimodal text

It also has been researched that there are several misconceptions related with the use and creation of multimodal text but those need to be clear among the users directly or indirectly associated with it. Multimodal text is not about digital technology only but is a key strategy that is followed to make the learning concepts interesting. It’s not easy to write such text that engages a single mode only.

Multimodal text is the direct association of spatial, linguistic and visual communication modes at a minimum. People have been learning about the concept of multimodal composition for centuries but it is not easy to understand as it requires lots of practice. In schools, colleges and universities, teachers always initiate the learning of more than one subject or communication mode as well so that in future, it could better understand and followed by the learners. There is also a misconception that everything in composition classroom of university and college is multimodal composing.


From overall analysis, it could be concluded that multimodal text is one of the key styles that is followed by the assignment writers or everyone who makes use of online document editing software in both direct or indirect way. Multimodal text is the best approach to be followed strictly while exploring the learning concepts of different individuals. Multimodal text is not hard to be documented and is documented and formatting by both direct and indirect way. Multimodal text simply states the collaboration of different content types such as- images, text, videos and audios etc. in order to make the learning concepts attractive and impressive. Thus, this can be concluded that multimodal text explores the research work of different researchers based on different fields.