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Value stream mapping is known as a lean management tool, which helps in visualizing different steps important to take from the product creation to delivering it end-consumer. It helps in introspection, analysis and process improvement. The inputs which are given for value stream map basically includes all the resources which one leverage to produce various goods and services which are required.

In other words, it is defined as lean manufacturing or lean enterprise technique which is used for documenting, analyzing and improving the flow of materials which is required to produce a product or service which is required by defined customer.

How to create Value Stream Mapping?

VSM is basically a team exercise that should involve different representatives from all the areas within the process being mapped and this process must be facilitated and led by the professional with experience in making the value stream maps. VSM is a pencil and paper tools which helps to view and understand the flow of information and material as a service or product makes its way with the help of value stream. It is created on a sheet of A3 paper. It is a better way to create it by hand and involve all the team members in creation instead of expert.

What is the purpose of Value Stream Mapping?

The main purpose of making value stream map is to demonstrate the place where a you can enhance you process by visualizing wasteful steps along with value-adding steps. It needs to put on display each step related to workflow as well as evaluate that how it brings value to the customer. It permits to analyze the process in depth and offers with some hints where the person should make some changes for the improvement of way you perform.

10 steps to create VSM (Value Stream Mapping)

Step 1: Collect Preliminary Information

Step 2: Make a product quantity routing analysis

Step 3: Group different customers and sort the material

Step 4: Sort the families of product by build sequence

Step 5: Select one value stream to initiate with

Step 6: Make a flow chart of all the operations

Step 7: Walk the shop floor

Step 8: Collect all the data

Step 9: Construct Value Stream Mapping

Step 10: Summarize all collected data and get a big image

How to use a Value Stream Map?

It is analyzed that value stream map allows an individual to make a top-down approach of all the businesses through which one can analyze the process or workflow of all the identified wastes and inefficiencies. The various things which are included in this process are as follows:

  • Delays, which mainly holds up different processes
  • Restraints, which limits any process
  • Excess inventory which ties up unproductively with the resources which are being used.

From all these steps it is analyzed that value stream mapping is also utilized for processes of manufacturing industry and can be applied to the same principles which are practiced in other industries that makes of value stream mapping for processing of all the required tasks.