Various Merits and Demerits of Digital Marketing

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The technology is changing at the very fast pace these days, and it has given us the opportunity to connect with anyone anywhere. Reaching people regardless of their physical location is a matter of click nowadays. The internet has changed the way we live today. Our life has become dependent on it, and the business houses have understood this fact very well. Therefore the organizations have now changed their focus from the conventional methods of marketing to the digital marketing. The digital marketing has gained popularity as the reach of the internet has increased.

Digital marketing can be defined as the promotion and marketing of the products or the services by using technological tools which are available on the internet. The devices which are used for digital marketing are computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other digital gadgets. Various techniques which are used in digital marketing are content marketing, the search engine marketing, search engine optimization or SEO, social media marketing, direct e-marketing with the help of e-mails, e-commerce, e-books, games content automation and data-driven marketing etc.


The digital marketing is very popular these days, and that has happened because it gives the companies many benefits which are discussed below:

  • Easy accessibility

Digital marketing gives the customers a chance to interact with the organizations directly through the online mediums. The availability of the information has also increased because the firms are connecting with the help of internet and the data is delayed on their website, and it is accessible to the consumers unless and until it is not confidential. Any information know is just a click away from the customers, and it is a significant deriving factor for the making the buying decision.

  • Companies can gain a competitive advantage

With the help of digital marketing, the companies can create winning advantages over its rivals if it has a well-laid marketing strategy and it is executed well by the professionals. The channel of the information also plays a critical role for the companies and therefore if they use this tool thoughtfully, and with a proper plan, it is possible to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors.

  • Identification of behavioural pattern of the consumers

Digital marketing also provides the companies with the information they need to know about the behaviours and inclinations of the consumers. Getting feedback has also become comfortable now, and therefore the companies can tailor made their products and services according to the particular need and demand of the customers.

  • Helps to make the firms register a global presence

The companies can create a vast customer base by using the digital marketing tools. Companies can address the customers regardless of the geographical area or location, and therefore the companies can reach the broader audience even at the global level. They can address the culturally different customers by making few changes in their message and content. And the customers from around the world can also contact them without much hassle. The reach of the companies increases many folds with the help of digital marketing, and therefore almost all firms are making use of this fantastic marketing technique.

  • Helps to create long-lasting relationships with the customers

The companies can quickly build excellent and profitable relationships with the customers because repetitive marketing has become far more manageable with the digitized tools and techniques. The marketers can keep reminding their customers about different schemes and deadlines. Some companies pay very much attention to creating long-lasting relationships with the consumers, and they also remember essential dates related to them. For examples, some companies send flowers and cakes to their regular and valued clients on their birthdays or anniversaries. This is the way of telling them that the companies value them and this strategy helps them to create a loyal customer base who also spread positive word of mouth in the market, and it enhances the company’s sales.

  • Updating the content is very easy with digital marketing tools

The tools used in digital marketing can be easily updated and therefore updating new and latest content, and messages are straightforward in it. The markets can float any information when they want and take it back the when they do not want to send to the customers. With the help of elucidating and engaging content, the companies try to capture the attention of the clients, and it has been the very successful strategy for many of the firms.

  • 24*7 accessibility is a big booster

Digital marketing gives customers the freedom to connect with the company at any moment of time because it is done with the help of online platforms and they are usually available for the customers 24*7. The customer support systems of the organizations have also gained strength due to the round the clock availability of the organizational staff. When the customers can clarify their doubts or raise a compliment about any problem they are experiencing due to a particular product or service, then they also gain trust in the company’s processes and values. This is also a huge factor which helps in boosting the buying of the products.

  • Companies can customize the message according to the target audience

Digital marketing also gives the organization a chance to devise customized marketing policies and exclusive services according to the demand and orientation of the customer base which can differentiate from each other by culture, language and geographical location. The customized messages can be created and sent without spending too much time, money or energy on them. The companies can also take it down to customization on the personal level because the communication between the companies and the customers becomes easy and hassle-free.


Along with so many benefits, the digital marketing techniques also has some limitations, and they are written as below:

  • This technique is entirely dependent on the internet. If there is any problem in the network connection or if the target audience does not have internet access then they cannot reach with this method. The speed of the internet also plays a significant role in the success of these tools of marketing.
  • Digital marketing does not prove to be very useful if the customer search for a specific result. Therefore it is also dependent on what people are searching for and how they are searching for it.
  • Giving feedback in digital marketing is very easy, and all the people who visit that page can see that feedback. If in case there is even one negative feedback, it can ruin the brand image of the firm.