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WAN Diagram and its important factors

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Wide area network (WAN) is the critical and fundamental resource for every organization. Organizations attempting to connect to multiple offices must consider a number of variables which impact overall costs and functionality of the network. While designing and Implementing WAN network which integrates video, voice, asynchronous and synchronous data and LAN traffic all aspects of organization goals must have to factor into the WAN design and moreover, attention to network throughput, security, application and emerging technologies should be paid. While designing new network architecture for any organization various factors have to consider such as short term, medium term and long-term goals of the organization. Along with this, some of the other factors which are to be considered are Existing applications, Local Access Requirements, Planned Applications, staffing, Remote access requirements, End-user equipment (Routers, switches), competitive considerations and connectivity outside the organization.

Requirements of the organization will change while creating a new network architecture, modification of existing network or integration in the existing network architecture with other networks. There are various factors which are to be considered while creating new network architecture as discussed below:

  1. Maintaining High-security standards over WAN.
  2. Cloud Access
  3. More Capacity for Lower Costs
  4. Application Prioritization

Since, the network is the heart of every enterprise as it connects all business resources, building a scalable, elastic WAN network architecture is the basic need of every organization.

Building a WAN Methodology

While creating WAN network, it is not enough to buy additional leased lines and hope for the best. WAN network is typically built with high-capacity node-to-node links such as DS3 (45 Mbps) channels which provide low-capacity of links such as DS1 (1.544 Mbps) while connecting from major nodes to office sites. Internet-based Networks such as VPN (Virtual Private Network) uses low-to-high speed access based on requirements from originating user site to an Internet node and same or similar configuration at terminating site.

Figure 1WAN Network Architecture

Predicting Application Performance

 Before the implementation of the new application on the network, network professionals must first assess its probable impact on WAN Resource. There are different factors which can affect the delivery of data such as Frames, packets and segments.

  1. Latency

In the WAN Network, delivery of packet take time while traveling from source to destination. So, with that use of the protocol in which receivers acknowledge delivery of data by measuring round trip time.

  1. Packet Loss

Even in the better network architecture it is possible that packet should be lost while traveling between intermediate devices. This is due to the network overloading, errors or Intentional discarding of traffic enforce a service level.

  1. Throughput

It shows the maximum amount of traffic which network can carry in terms of Kilobits, megabits per second.

 There are some other factors such as Network signaling, compression and encryption affect the performance of WAN network and there are capacity planning solutions which are available and assure the WAN traffic is effectively managed to benefit all users.

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