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Way to Enhance the Interaction between the Parents and the Digital Life of the Students

Home Articles Way to Enhance the Interaction between the Parents and the Digital Life of the Students

Digital learning is important for the students; it helps them discover the confident and empower young people they can be. Providing a rich and engaging environment for the child to learn is the utmost concern for the parents nowadays. In today’ time, the students are allowed to explore the wild west of the internet largely without our guidance. But the world of learning, especially learning online is always way bigger than we ever imagined. It is commonly heard from the parents who want to get their school or community involved in a discussion of how media, tech and the digital world are impacting kids. But most of the parents do not know how to begin.

Today’s media and technology present many challenges as well as opportunities for text messaging and using social media for online gaming. Connecting families over everything you need to facilitate meaningful community dialogue and thoughtful conversations between parents and their kids.


Websites, e-mails, e-newsletters, apps and other digital media allow parents to see what their students are doing, what the classroom activities are and where learning is focused. This can help extend the learning of the students beyond the classroom and give parents ideas on at home activities.

  • Technology allows schools and teachers to easily communicate about the “usual school events” like parent nights, fundraisers, science, fairs etc. There are numerous apps that are of great use for all this, and lots of parents have appreciated being more connected.
  • The community is critical in schools, and digital technology and tools have made it easier for parents to feel involved even if they are not physically on campus. Working parents can sometimes feel left out if you are not able to volunteer regularly, but with the advancements in the technology, they can stay more informed and organised during a time that works best for their family.
  • Technology can also eliminate common barriers between schools and families. A lot of young parents can often be intimidated by the things like formal conferences, or can’t get time off work to attend, so a lot of teachers have found that the ability to text parents has changed a lot regarding engagement.


  • In the first weeks of school, some teachers or schools are engaging with parents via email and an online survey to figure out the best way to communicate and to give parents helpful advice on the best way for them to be involved with their students learning inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Simple texts or notes to parents to say how their student is doing can be far more potent than an anecdotal progress report, especially in the early years.


  • Parents like to know how their kids are performing. It is exciting to think that parents can see where their student is excelling and also struggling with the subject. The meetings of parents and teachers will be more data-driven in the coming future, and it will be a powerful shift for the parents, teachers and the students.
  • The meetings of the parents and the teachers are quite valuable for the students, and it is likely that parents are not soon would not have to wait until those conferences to know how their student is doing. This will allow for faster intervention and supports to help students get caught up before it is too late.
  • Digital learning has created the availability of more meaningful assessments, which produces more and better feedback, information about progress.
  • Digital portfolios create a place for teachers and the students to store work making it accessible anytime and anywhere, making it easy for the students to show what they know. These portfolios can make it easy for the students to access all of their college readiness work, resumes, informational interviews, essays for college and scholarship applications, college test preparations, vision statements and more.
  • Imagine being able to pull up what a student has done throughout their entire academic career to see their change and growth. Digital portfolios also allow for real-time feedback from the teachers, parent and peers.
  • Parents are considered better learners with understanding their ways that their students might be consuming in information. But prior, parents typically would impose how they learned in school on classroom teachers, but as they are doing more digital learning themselves, it can shift their perspectives.

Thus, we can say that the advancements in digital learning and education technology create opportunities for deeper learning for both students and the teachers, ultimately increasing student’s achievements. But the ability for technology to boost outcomes is just one of the many reasons that teachers and leaders implement digital tools.

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