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Ways to Increase the Environmental Communication Strategy in Organizations

Home Articles Ways to Increase the Environmental Communication Strategy in Organizations

A sincere commitment to an organization to sustainability must result in offering real value including an increase in innovative ideas, cost savings as well as the inclusion of stakeholders. The following ideas can help the organizations consolidate or initiate their communication strategy and inspire the action of their staff. If the managers choose to work on issues of environmental sustainability, it is essential to determine strategic areas in which they can capture more value and impact and create tangible elements such as greening operations and intangible factors such as committing employees to a culture of environmental responsibility.

Broad and overall vision

Taking the time to take a step back and look at the big picture and in this way identify the significant trends towards where the attention of the interest groups (clients, employees, governments, investors, etc.) is being directed is essential to guarantee the survival of an organization, one of these macro trends is corporate environmental sustainability.

Greening its operations and facilities can focus on improving eco-efficiency where there is a cost saving. Unfortunately, the efforts made by many organizations often go unnoticed and invisible to employees, clients and diverse interest groups, for that reason The aspect of employee engagement and communication strategy is essential

Commitment of employees

To address this issue, it is important to answer some questions such as Are the employees aware of their commitment to sustainability and reflected in their daily activities? Has the organization created a culture that encourages creativity and innovation in matters of corporate environmental responsibility? Is the message of sustainability integrated into the communication channels?

These questions can guide the management of the companies to know if they are contemplating the vision of strategy or only placing patches day by day.

Building a phrase that encompasses the aspirations of the company

To increase visibility and impact, it is necessary to develop a slogan and a logo that include the environmental ambitions and reflect the corporate environmental culture where they want to travel. Creating a green message is not as simple as it seems, sometimes laughable or humorous phrases are found by hundreds on the internet also. But for synthesizing the environmental policy or the vision of sustainability in a few words to transmit a whole strategy takes time and necessarily requires forming an environmental committee that thinks about it, cleans it and establishes a long-term communication strategy to compromise but above all to inspire the organization.

A slogan alone will not make a significant change if it does not reflect a more considerable effort on the part of management. Therefore allocating resources (human, technical and economic) towards an actual adoption of the environmental policy and thus of the slogan at all levels of the organization is essential. When we refer to all the levels, we are also referring to the first Directorate that must adopt the policy so that the changes are cascading.

Communicate to employees or families

To capture attention, connect with the target interest groups and inspire action with the messages from the leaders should be based on values that inculcate a new and better way of working If the firms can define what they want to achieve and what matters to Management, the participation efforts will be more successful. As for suggestions on how we can do something from everyday activity to minimize the negative impact on the environment, we can talk about values including family, community, justice, solidarity, these values open hearts and minds. It is essential that communication strategies focus on reaching beyond just employees or executives and extending to their family and friends.

For example an experience that was very pleasant was when at a training event on waste a woman commented that the occasion that at home began to separate their waste was when her 5-year-old came home and told her "why mom in school we have two trash cans and in the house only one, "this woman knew in her cognitive part (knowledge) correctly what was the gray container and the green container but in her actions and especially in her emotional part (heart) It mattered a lot until her son questioned her, that's when she started the change in her. This is how we should focus on the communication strategy, reaching parents rather than an employee, that will mark a different path in the campaigns that many companies have.

The business environmental communication strategy should focus on parents beyond those of employees. This should be reflected in actions that incorporate the family, which, as we saw in the above-written example, brings a more significant commitment of the employees. It is important to remember that a successful communication campaign should reflect a new behaviour and if we can contribute to inculcate it in the whole family, it will be for the benefit of the entire society as a whole as well as the benefit for the company.

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