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Leadership is the ability to influence team members towards the achievement of goals. In short it is a process of providing directions, encouraging team members and obtaining voluntary commitment to the leader’s vision. Project manager acts as a leader who is responsible to clarify the vision and goal of project among stakeholders. Project manager influences team members to share their perspectives and work collaboratively in order to achieve desired objective of the project. In IT project management, project manager acts as leader who is responsible to lead the team in forward direction. Leadership quality of project manager acts as a success factor on project performance. Although, the leadership quality and competence of project manager are not directly related to the project success, it is contended that leadership quality facilitates the project manager to inspire or motivate their team member so that the project will get completed within stipulated time and within approved budget. The project manager leadership roles and responsibilities toward a project team and stakeholders directly influence the project outcomes and performance activities of the project.

Significance of project leadership in IT project management-
leadership is the ability to lead the team members in most powerful and effective manner. Project leadership directly impact on improving project management practices in order to reduce uncertainty associated with the project pursuit. Project manager is required for the proper management of project. project leadership determines the effect of leadership performance on success and failure of the project. Project manager leads the team (leadership) and he is also responsible to manage the activities of the project (project management). But leadership and project management are different factors where leadership in IT project management implies the ability of the project manager or project leader to leader and motivate the team so that the objective of the of project will get achieved. Whereas in project management, project manager follows defined phases of project management methodology in order to manage activities of the project.  Project manager develops project management skills through existing knowledge of project management framework. By using project management skills project manager utilize best practices in implementing project management methodologies.

Importance of project manager leadership quality in IT project management is-
The projects are always associated with unknown uncertainties and complexities.  The biggest challenge faced by the project manager is- providing leadership without document where unity of command is an issue. Consequently, project manager has key responsibility to lead diverse set of people by directing and controlling their operations. Project leadership is whole about leading the team members so that the objective of the project will get achieving within time and assigned budget.

Leadership Role-
When changes in the project are insignificant them leadership plays an important role.  Where project leader engages in convincing people regarding the need to change, aligning development team to new direction by clarifying their vision of project, and motivate people to work in together by using collaborative approach in order to achieve project objectives under difficult circumstances.

Importance of leadership quality in project manager-
With the use of leadership skills in IT project management project manager can successfully complete the project within time and approved budget.
1.reate clarity in Communication Process- With the use of leadership skill project manager can define the goals and outcomes of the project. It is crucial step due to which the vision of project among the stakeholders will get clear. If project manager does not establish clear communication, then this could cause changes to the project plan and result in cost and time overruns.
2.Assign roles and responsibilities to stakeholders- It is the key responsibility of project manager to assign roles and responsibilities among stakeholders without ambiguity so that the project performance will get improved and conflicts will get managed.  Thus, leadership quality of project manager will lead to effective use of project team members and it will help the functional departments to extend their support.
3.Employ consistent processes- Project manager develops and deploy constant and formal project management processes that assist the team members in improving operational efficiency, risk management and reduce ambiguity. Ultimately, the leadership skills of project manager would lead to project management maturity.
4.Establish trust- As project manager lead project development team. He is also responsible to promotes transparency and openness in communication by establishing trust among the stakeholders. Project manager must require leadership quality to establish trust among the project team members. Trust among the team members ensures knowledge sharing and collaboration among the stakeholders.
5.Facilitate support- With the use of leadership skills project manager support the team members and translate all the disputes into willingness of everyone in the organization. Project manager inspires their team members to face challenges and to overcome risk in the project by risk assessment so that project will get completed within assigned time.
6.Manage outcomes- By using leadership skills project manager clearly define the mission and objectives of the project that would help the project team to develop a formal evaluation of project outcomes that helps the project manager to determine project success. It automatically promotes motivation, performance recognition and synergy among the team members. Thus leadership quality of project manager is helpful in defining project processes. Leadership quality lay foundation to create clarity, communicate expectations, and employ consistent processes.

Advantages of leadership in project management-
By using leadership quality, project manager can motivate and inspire their team members on regular basis.
Project manager possesses leadership quality that facilitates the project manager to design a plan that directs the project team about how to do the project.
Project manager can build effective development team by using leadership quality.
project manager considers the perspectives of team member before making any decision this is the major quality of project manager that help him to lead project team.

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