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What is Literature Review and How to Structure It?

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What is Literature Review?

A literature review means to provide summary for a literature. In order to review the literature, you must write your essay based on the literature review structure. This literature could be anything; it can also be literature review on E-Business; it is not necessary that only the great piece of literature written by renowned authors will be given to review. The literature could be based on any idea and topic written by anyone.

A literature review should be studied and analyzed thoroughly, interpreting all the elements of the story and how they are interacting with one another. Students are assigned this type of assignment to review a literature. Though many students find it difficult to do this task for which they can search for write my essay for me and get the assistance from the expert writers.

Points to Remember before Writing Literature Review

There are different points to remember while doing a literature review. Many students do not focus on what should be done before writing the review and what is the literature review structure. Whenever you get an assignment you should first research on the topic before starting to write it directly. Some points to consider are mentioned below:

1. Thoroughly read – Thoroughly read the literature you are given. You might think it is time consuming but in order to score better marks you need to invest time. Everything cannot be done at faster pace, somethings needs time and should be done at a genuine pace. Read it thoroughly and try to understand what the writer is trying to say.

2. Research – Research online the literature you have to review. Find out the story and related themes online. Search for its background and the reasons due to which the respective literature was written. Proper research will help you in framing the literature review structure properly.

3. Main Idea/ Theme – Search the main idea behind the literature that what was the idea due to which the author thought of writing the literature? Did he succeeded in making the readers understand the idea he wanted them to? You should try to analyze and write your interpretation of the main idea.

4. Find the main elements – As you find the main idea, similarly find the main characters that make up the story. Examine different characters and inspect how are they relevant to the story and what is their contribution in making the story. Understanding the characters will help you to frame the literature review structure efficiently.

5. Relationship among different elements – Introducing various characters in a story is okay but what is important? Is there a need for introducing character? Many stories have characters that are not relevant in the story, which can also do well without those characters too. Identify are all the characters relevant and contributing in the story or not?

6. Check storyline – Look if the storyline is relevant and the strong and captivating storyline will always attract the customers. Along with the impressive storyline, structure or flow of the story is also the main factor that makes the story a must read. If story is good but is presented in a way that is not understandable, then it is of no use. It can be less appreciated. Therefore, it is important to analyze both the storyline and flow of the story. You can also take help form the authors storyline to create good literature review structure.

7. Search for evidences – Evidences and facts should be included to increasing the weightage of your analysis and making it more reliable. You must analyze the evidences provided by the author and check their reliability. Identify, whether the sources are authentic or valid.

8. Create Outline – Note down all the information and create an outline. Making a rough line will help you to organize the content of your review later. Proper organization is important to write any kind of academic paper. Creating the outline beforehand will help you to write an excellent literature review structure and maintain a great flow of your writing.

You must follow these points, in order to create a better structure of your review. With a better understanding and facts of the literature, you will be able to write a review that will be impressive and attractive.

Literature Review Structure

• Introduction – After getting done with all the research work, you must start with the introduction. Introduce the literature you are reviewing. Talk about the things like – name of the author, name of the literature, etc., do not make the introduction too long. It should just give the readers idea about your whole review and should compel them to read it.

• Body – In the body paragraph, start to explain various factors you discovered while researching. Describe the characters, their relationship with other characters, is it relevant? Explain the storyline and how well the author has explained it. Remember that while reviewing the article, the readers are not interested in your own opinion. Write the review for providing the information rather than telling the readers what you liked and what you didn’t liked.

• Conclusion – In the end, conclude your review. Rephrase the main points that you mentioned. Talk about the quality of the literature and how well is it written. Make sure you write the correct literature review structure.

Follow this structure and make sure that you write it in a better manner. If you follow these points, you will surely score great grades. It will help you to improve your writing skills and get good overall grades. It is important for the students to practice writing skills as they are very beneficial for you. For this, you can search for instances online, take idea from them and do not copy. Write on your own.

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