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What Is the Structure and Need of Organising?

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The organisational structure is defined as a system of positions of the job, assigned roles to the employees and the relationship of the authority among the superiors and the subordinates. This structure is completely formal as it is first planned and then implemented in the organisation. There is the formation of the network of the jobs assigned to the employees to achieve the common goals of the company. The complete structure of the organisation offers the base that helps the managers to perform the managerial and non-managerial tasks. For the better understanding of its structure, you must first read this article organising; its meaning and process.

The structure of the organisation is considered as the main element and the whole tasks revolves around it. We can also explain the structure of the organisation by taking the example of the pyramid that has the less positions at the top and numerous positions at the bottom line. It is deliberately in this shape. There are some factors that affect this structure.

  • Goals of the organisation

The organisation is specially designed for the achievement of the targets that are pre-determined. The employees and the organisation itself gets the direction from these objectives and the whole company starts working as per that direction. The activities of the organisation are identified as per these goals and the objectives are completely affected by the structure and pattern of the whole company. The structure of the organisation should be in such a way that it contributes maximum towards the achievement of the goals and the success of the organisation.

  • Technological advancements

The company is working on some technology for the performance of certain activities. The technology is the central part of the structure of the organisation because of the dependence of the activities as per the targets. The reason behind this is that all the activities require the use of technology. The working and the performance of these activities affect the structure in both ways indirectly and directly.

  • Working atmosphere of the organisation

The organisation working system has some limitations and boundaries. And the company has to deal with the internal and external environment also that affects its functioning, structure and also the formation. But they have to deal with the change that arises in the environment, and the process of the organisation is also affected. The company’s goals are modified as per the change in the external environment.

The structure of the organisation should be designed in such a way that there is not much effect of the changes. The structure of the organisation gets the strength from the external resources, and they also contribute to its functioning. In this way, the environment of the company becomes adaptive and flexible. And the environmental changes have slow speed and are quite complicated in nature. Thus, the company have to learn to deal with it so that they can have stability.

  • People

The companies are formed and operated by the people. They are required to hire large number of people for certain jobs regarding management. The people working in the organisation are assigned with certain activities which they have to perform as per their roles and responsibilities. All the people working have some goal and targets on which they have to work.

Their values, perceptions, attitudes and beliefs have a direct impact on the working of the organisation. Therefore, the employees have to take care of these factors for the better formation of the organisational structure. The working of the organisation is based on a large extent on their efficiency of working. Therefore, there has to be proper functioning for the betterment of the employees and the organisation.

  • Importance of organising

Organising is a process that is formed for the creation of better organisational structure, and it is a process of forming the relationship, positioning and the authorities. These are important for the success, and the survival of the company and they also contribute to its stability.

Here are some basic needs and importance of the organising:

  • The effectiveness of the management

If the structure of the organisation is good, the management would be effective. With the better organisational structure, there is coordination and control on the activities of the companies. But if the structure of the organisation is not effective, then the whole process would be ineffective. For the effective working of the whole management, there should be a formal structure, and all should follow that also.

  • Coordination among employees

For the better working of the organisation, there has to be a good coordination among the employees. There should be an effective communication also so that people from all the departments must convey the tasks effectively. The proper coordination helps the synchronisation of the organisation. It also motivates the employees to contribute in the success of the organisation, it improves the functioning of employees as well as the organisation.

  • Clarification of the job

There is better clarification of the tasks and a logical division of the work for the proper delegation of the authority among the employees. If there is defined structure, the roles and responsibilities can be told in a better manner and the employee would be clarified with his job roles on the very first day of his job. And they will know what are the expectations of the company and the superiors from him and they will contribute their best for the achievement of common goal.

  • Efficiency in working

The working will be efficient if there is the division of the roles of the employees. The organisation structure helps the employees to devote their 100% to the organisation. The proper functioning of the process of structure enables the complete organisation of the processes and it also increases the effectiveness of the companies.

  • Decentralisation in the company

With the creation of better organisation structure, there arises the need for the delegating the authorities among the various positions. The decentralised structure of the organisation encourages the process of decision-making, and it also makes the control more effective.

  • Managing the change

There is better management of the change in the organisation with the help of forming the structure. It also helps to cope the change in the environment. There are certain elements such as dynamic, flexibility, adaptability of the environment, that help the company to manage the different and complicated uncertainties. It also makes the company more stable and enables the continuous working of the organisation.

  • Better communication

It helps the employees to have better communication with each other. It forms a line of authority, and the employees have to communicate through that line only. They help them to have a communication channel from upward to lower levels. There is the pattern of interaction that is determined by the communication among employees.

  • The wide span of control

There is the creation of units of staff in the structure that makes the span of control wide. It becomes easy for the managers to delegate the task further to the subordinates so that they can work accordingly. The working becomes quite effective with it, and it also helps the employees to perfect the task as per the rules and regulations.

  • Maintain discipline

The manager can maintain more discipline in the working methods with the help of the organisational structure. The employees will have better work environment if there is discipline and rules and regulations. People will follow the norms that are managed by the superiors working in the organisation. It also helps in the maintenance of better behaviour of the employees so that they can maintain good relation among each other.

  • Development of the management

The structure has a great influence on the development of the organisation and the functioning of the managers. With the system of delegation of authority, the lower level management has an opportunity that helps them to make decisions and exercise the authority related to the administration.

Therefore, we can say that with the better organisational structure, the companies have better functioning and employees get motivated as they get authority and freedom in working.

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