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Workplace Health and Safety: Policies and Procedures

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Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) or Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is concerned with the health and the safety of the workforce worming in an organization. All the stakeholders should be protected from any sort of risks resulting from work activities, to their health and safety as per this discipline. It is a law in Australia which is focused on the improved health and safety of the employees of any organization. The enhanced outcomes are the results of the regulations practised under this law.


The employer has certain responsibilities to be fulfilled related to the manpower resources he has been using. This is for the assurance of the maintained workplace without any risks to the workers’ health and safety. Other components of the list of the protected ones are DHA tenants and other people at the workplace.

What is to be maintained under WHS?

There are certain things which are to be ensured at the workplace by the owner. These are as follows-

  • Risk-free work environment
  • Structural safety
  • Safe working systems
  • Safety of the resources, substances, structures and storage of the plant
  • Monitor the conditions of the workplace regularly
  • Keep a check on the workers’ health to prevent injury or illness

Now, let us have a look at the policies which a WHS Team of any company should work upon-

  • WHS roles and responsibilities should work to support the effective education and communication within the organization
  • Maintain the practices of workplace health and safety along with managing the development of the organization
  • Everything is to be sorted in accordance with the framework, resources, systems of the discipline supporting employees, line managers, in meeting their responsibilities of health and safety
  • Register the organizational health and safety risks, as well as manage in coordination to the other teams
  • Educate the workforce and lead them for the processes such as investigations and reporting of the incidents in addition to the near masses, audits and safety inspections of the department. Imparting them with the knowledge of hazard identification and risk control is another major step to be taken and is marked as one of the policies of the WHS team of any organization
  • Scheduling the Early Intervention Program for the employees in both the situations, either remaining in the workplace or returning to it after an injury
  • Reporting the progress of the discipline in accordance with the organization
  • Effectively implement the forums and structure of the committee of WHS for the employees in order to raise awareness and address the issues
  • Promote the psychological and physical well-being of the staff with the help of the execution of the programs as well as take some initiatives such as Prevention Health Care and Promotion Program

Another aspect of WHS Policies and Procedures is the procedure.

  • Reporting the hazard-
  • The procedure includes the reporting of the hazard identified to the respective manager. In case of the possibilities of the immediate remedies of the hazard, then the manager is entitled to take appropriate actions after consulting the representative of the Health and Safety Department.
  • In case of the very serious conditions, and some investigation is required along with sourcing of the risk controls, then it is necessary that the manager should record and report the members with VHIMS and take the appropriate risk controls consulting Health and Safety Representative.
  • There are records of the hazards which are identified during the formal inspections. They are with an action plan on the checklist.
  • In case of the injury of any person during the hazard, then it is to be recorded by the manager or the staff member. First aid is to be given followed by the Early Intervention Guide. If the case becomes serious, then there is a need to contact the WHS team for advice.
  • The situation becomes a notifiable incident in case of a death, or need of medical treatment within 48 hours of the exposure to the substance, or requirement of any immediate treatment as an in-patient, or serious head or eye injury, electric shock, spinal injury, scalping or de-gloving, serious lacerations etc.

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