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Bibliography is termed as the list of books, references or the articles that are being used by students for completing their scholarly assignments. If students ignore to incorporate bibliography, it could affect their work on the grounds of ethics. The entries of bibliography may vary in complexity, thus, it is recommended to use the ordering system to structure the bibliography of the assignments.

Significance of writing bibliography

Forming a bibliography for the assignments is significant in terms of recognizing and acknowledging credit to the origin of actual work along with any material that is summarized or condensed in the assignment. Bibliography also helps in demonstrating that students are differentially obtaining their thoughts and not just directly coping it from other’s work. It also helps in providing the references to the readers that would assist them in seeking helps for their own work.

What a bibliography must contain?

A bibliography must contain articles, books or other reference material such as journals with their author name and title of the source. Along with this, it should also contain place of publication, the details of the publisher, date of publication and page numbers that are being referred in the assignment.

Bibliography for books

When writing an article, essay or scholarly assignment that relies mainly on the internet source material, one should compile a bibliography that allows the writer to give actual credit to the author for their quotes and phrases. The basic information that must be cited when referencing a book include author name (surname first) and then followed by initials, title of the book, the publisher along with date and place of publication. Each section must be separated by a full stop.

Bibliography for articles

When writing bibliography for articles published in magazines or newspapers, students must include the author name, title of the article (specifically in quotation marks), the title of the publication sources such as newspaper or magazine, the year of publication and the page numbers from which the data for completing the assignment has been gathered.

Bibliography for online resources

When citing an online source, students must include author name, the title of the page, date of publication along with the URL or the web address (in italics) of the online sources from where the information has been gathered.

Two main formats of writing bibliography

Two commonly used format for compiling bibliography are APA (American Psychological Association) and MLA (Modern Language Association). APA format is mainly used in the subjects of IT, social sciences and is useful when citing from the journal articles and other similar publications. The main focus of this format is on the research presented in the journal rather than on the author who conducted it. The second commonly used format is MLA which is mainly used in the writings associated with humanities and liberal arts. Contrary to APA, it focuses on the author of the cited article or journal.