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Advantages and Disadvantages of UK Education System

There are some clear advantages to study in UK. However, some of the disadvantages are also there and the media would not want to advertise it like this either. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of UK education system are described below in details. Advantages of Studying in UK Professional Study Environment Student travels to another country because they want to stud...


PESTLE Analysis of Woolworths (SWOT Analysis and recommendations)

The given report presented the internal and external analysis of Woolworths in order to know the abilities of the organization and success factors. Analysis tools such as PESTEL and SWOT have been used in order to critically analyses the different operations of the organization.


DTGOV Case Study About its Cloud Migration

DTGOV Case Study DTGOV is an organization which wants to migrate some of its premises (Webservers) to an IaaS instance in AWS for testing its cloud migration strategy. The organization understands that it needs a complete plan before its migration. However, it wants to determine want sort of architecture would be required to support its web services over cloud. DTGOV case stud...


How to write a reflective report - individual reflective and critical reflection report example

This article talks about the reflective report and also defines the main aspects that how reflective report differs from other tasks or assessments. This article is helpful to understand the steps to write self- reflection. In order to define the steps to write reflective writing, proper template is given with the help of which it is easy to understand the main aspects that sho...


Packet Tracer Remote IoT Smart Office

Introduction: - “Internet of things” is one of emerging technology that allows users to access smart office devices from remote locations. In the assignment, the packet tracer software 7.0 or above version is used to designing and configuring the network for IoT Smart Office. In the assessment, two smart offices are configured i.e. Melbourne and Adelaide. The ma...


Organisation development implementation project

Submission details The assessment task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor.Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details.Performance objectiveThe candidate will demonstrate the ability to contribute to the creation of an organisation devel...


Tesco Organizational Structure Diagram or Tesco Hierarchical Structure

Every company follows a hierarchical structure to follow. The organizational structure of every company usually compromises of three levels – top management level, middle management level, and low management level. But for some companies the hierarchical structure may differ, it depends on the size of the company. Management students’ needs to study the organization...


Timmons model of entrepreneurship

This article talks about the entrepreneurs, who are creative individuals for the identification of opportunities. Moreover, the Timmons model is also discussed in context of entrepreneurship that provides the effective relationship between various aspects. Timmons model is discussed in efficient manner with the help of example to make it easy to understand.


BOOST JUICE Australia SWOT Analysis (Market and competitors’ analysis)

The provided assessment will enlighten the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities as well as threats to Boost juice with the help of SWOT analysis. The market analysis of the company has been done in Australia as well as Malaysia as it has its business internationally. In Australia, there is an increase in consciousness among the population for maintaining a healthy life and they...


Concept of Monopoly companies in Australia

The present report will shed light on an important term used in economy of every country i.e. monopoly which means the control of a single firm over the industry or market. To understand it, market of Australia has analyzed and it is observed that two sectors supermarkets and banking in Australia possess monopoly. Woolworths and Coles represented 80 per cent of the market in su...


Moortown Sports and Leisure Centre

The main aim of Moortown sports and leisure centre is to inform the audience around the whole world about the outreach of the program and the implication of the centre. The target audience of Moortown sports and leisure centre is to the young girls and boys at a college and high school level who can participate in any type of sports. The rich people are also encouraged to becom...


Business Strategy: Woolworths

Business Strategy – Before we discuss what is the business strategy of Woolworths, let us first talk about what exactly is business strategy? A business strategy is a type of plan that is used to achieve some plan or to get through a situation. A strategy is a single use plan, in order to face two different situations, two different strategies will be made. Hence, for eve...