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Interesting Othello Essay Topics for Students

What comes to your mind when you think of Othello? Yes, that is a tragedy by William Shakespeare that was believed to be written in the year 1603. The story has two main characters: Othello and Lago (fictional character). It has certain themes of racism, jealousy, love, revenge and many others and is still performed at various professional theatr...


How to Prepare Research Proposal and Plan?

Student Name and ID: <insert your name and id>

Project Area: This is the main section of the report in which the area or field of the project should be written.

Type of the project: In this section, the type of the project should be written which may involve practical...


Theory of Block Chain or Distributed Ledger Technology

In the field of computer science, block chain technology is used worldwide for its security purpose as nearly 99.9% it is impossible to compromise. This technology was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto which gives proof work to record the new transaction in the block chain. These block chains are distributed ledgers which are used to carry out transa...


Simulation and Performance Evaluation Techniques for Blockchain

Block chain technology holds the responsibility for the securing of the data which cannot be tampered or compromise by an attacker is used world-wide. This technology was first introduced in the 19th century. It is a set of cryptographic functions also named as hashes which are used to keep the data in the blocks for the safety practises. It help...


Security, Privacy and Trust of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology

About Blockchain Technology

Certainly, blockchain technology is being prevalent in the modern IT world due to its multifarious benefits in different domains such as banking, power management, automobile, risk management, etc., however, on the flip side, it has also been criticized for the security, privacy a...


Protocols and Algorithms Based on Blockchain

Bitcoin is one of the most popular and most widely used block chain that is used on the internet, it provides a secure method of sharing virtual currency on the net. There are various protocols and algorithms that are used in blockchains. Some of them are discussed below.

• Proof of work (POW)

Pow was i...


Performance Analysis and Optimization of the Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology have drawn major attention of society in the recent past, as from few years’ cryptocurrency is always in the news regarding the merits and demerits and issues related to security. An another well known name of the Blockchain technology is Distributed Ledger Technology or DLT, which demonstrate to save...


Blockchain in Mobile Cellular Networks

Block chain is a method of sharing information in an anonymous, discrete and secure way over the internet. It uses various encryptions methods to protect the data from the intruders by using various algorithms so that only the sender or receiver should be able to access the data. Block chains works in such a way that each of the...


Blockchain in Social Networking

What is Social Networking?

Social networking plays a major role in establishing the use of Blockchain because social networking helps the user to aware its surroundings. Various social media applications like twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc provides information of products or goods that are provided by some...


Blockchain in IoT

Block chain technology is covered under the category of cryptocurrencies where, it is used for securing the confidential information of the users. IoT systems are dependent on the centralized architecture where, information is analysed and send back to IoT devices. In terms of IoT, it is responsible for the securer transaction wi...


Different Types of Applications of Blockchain

In the contemporary era of information and communication technology, everyday a new technology is being evolved that have a potential to change the society in its own terms. At the early stages of internet, technology is most intangible, and individuals can only send and receive the messages and distribute the articles. However,...


Guide to Write an Essay for the Death Penalty

History and Origin of the Death Penalty

The death penalty is a punishment where a criminal is punished by death. There is harsher and bigger punishment than death and it is the ultimate punishment. The death penalty is practiced by 58 nations presently. One of those 58 nations is the USA. Many debates have b...


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