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Difference Between TCP/IP and OSI Model

TCP/IP Protocol
Transmission control protocol and Internet protocol are two of the standards of network that makes transmission possible over the network. The Internet Protocol defines how the computer can collect data from each other with respect to interconnected network set. Whereas the Transmission control protocol basi...


The Concept of Informatics

The term informatics was coined firstly by the German computer scientist named as Karl Steinbach in the year of 1957 with respect to the published paper entitled “Informatics: Automatic Information Processing”. After that the term informatics then used interchangeably in the computer science as its German word named as “Informat...


Professional Programming Practice

TEAM CHARTER (Professional Programming Practice)
Team charter is a document that is established in a group set that illuminates team direction while establishing boundaries. It is settled during the making of team. It initiates team work.
It is a part of life cycle engineering.



String and ArrayList in Java

Java is a widely used OOP (object oriented programming) language which works on the concept of objects and classes. It provides numerous methods for specifying different values sizes and values to be stored in variable. There are two major data types namely Primitive and Non-Primitive in Java. The Primitive data types primarily include int, long,...


JavaFX - A Complete Overview

Some of the rich applications on the internet are those web applications which are capable of providing a unique and similar experience in comparison to desktop application. These types of application provide a continuous and seamless visual experience when compared with standard end-user applications. Further, such applications are primarily del...


Concept of Socket Programming

In context to communication connection points, a socket could be defined as an endpoint which could be named and addressed in a particular network. With the help of socket programming, a seamless linkage could be established between local and remote processes. Various processes which make use of socket can uniquely reside inside a singular system...


Social Media and Branding

In todays’ virtual world, social media becomes an important link to connect people over the world. It allows exchange of information from one place to another with use of internet. Social networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook etc. have the potential to reach wide audience. There are over 2.23 billion Facebook users, which...


Impact of Social Media on Brand Image

Introduction to Social Media: Social media is the platform the facilitates the communication through internet. Through social media one can conversate with others, share any kind of data or information. There exist various kinds of social media platforms. Social media services can be accessed through web-based technology. Users can create their s...


Things to Consider While Framing Essay Title

The title of an essay speaks a lot about your essay. It decides whether it is worth reading your essay or not. This is because, title is the first thing the reader see’s and thus it helps them decide is it worth dedicating time to read your essay. If it not your cup of tea, then go for

How to Prepare Research Paper in IEEE Format?

IEEE is a short form used for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. It is a renowned firm headquartered in Piscataway, New Jersey, United States of America. It is known for developing standards for the computer and electronics industry and is world’s largest technical membership association that has members acr...


Computer Security - Network Scanners Tools

Computer security is one of important aspects for the network to secure stored data inside the computer from different types of attacks i.e. brute force, spoofing etc. For the purpose of securing the network from the attacks, it becomes necessary for the users to identify the ports via which the network attack is...


Different Concepts of Business Strategy

A strategy is a plan which is specially made to accomplish a particular objective. Similarly, a business strategy is a plan which is made to achieve and meet business goals and objectives. Strategy also stimulates actions to be performed.

In order to cope with the ever-changing business world, it is important to formu...


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