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Features of Machine-Dependent Compiler

Translating the programs from the high-level language to the machine language is the most prominent purpose of a compiler. The design of the high-level programming languages is relatively independent of the machine which has been used. The statement implies that in this case, the program syntax analysis process would be relatively independent of the machine. The generation and...


Major Factors Affecting International Business

This article talks about the concept of international business and operational definition of multinationals in the same sphere. Further the factors affecting the international business are discussed with the example of an MNC called Woolworths International. The external factors affecting the international business of the respective company are explained using various analysis...


International market entry strategy and different modes of entry analysis.

In this article, the discussion regarding international market entry strategy is done. The article provides detailed knowledge regarding international market entry strategy is given. In addition to this, different modes of entry such as direct exporting, licensing, franchising, partnering and joint venture are also described in this article along with the advantages of selectin...


The Importance and Limitation of Control Management

Control management is one of the important functions of the management. It helps to keep a check on all the functions so that there is no error and there can also be some corrective measures. The manager has to make a check to make sure that the employees maintain the standard of the company. The control management plays an important role in the achievement of the common object...


Application Software: Objective and Features

The program of the software which runs on the operating system’s top is called the application software. The creation of every application software is done for the performance of the list of the specific task for the user. The usage of the direct interface of the computer system is allowed for the application software. In the page layout of the MS Word, the application s...


Learn how to be a CEO and what are the advantages and disadvantages of being one

This article is helpful to learn about methods and techniques that how to be a CEO. Along with this, several advantages and disadvantages of being CEO is also elaborated in this article. This article is very helpful for understanding the roles and responsibilities of CEO in the organization. Some steps are also highlighted in this article that could help CEO in becoming success...


Recognition and Reward System in HR

In every business organisation, Hr is an important function so that they can satisfy the customers by fulfilling their needs. there may be many ways through which they provide satisfaction to the customers and reward system is one of such ways. Reward system in an organisation is a set of procedures through which the management control the behaviour of employees at work. This s...


Advantages and Disadvantages of OOP

Why object-oriented programming required? At the beginning of programming language were complex and though to use, not everyone could be a programmer. As they kept going on with their development and inventions, they unfolded new techniques and developed high level programming languages. The first high level programming language was developed by Konrad Zuse named Plankalkul. T...


Concept and Perspectives of Compensation Management

The compensation management is the process of distributing some monetary value to the employees for their work done for the organization. This is a sub-function of the Human Resource department. But many big companies prefer to have an entire department which takes care of the compensation policies for them. The compensation policy is designed according to the strategic objecti...