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Write a Better Research Essay than You Ever Could


A research essay is a piece of academic writing based on its author’s original research on a particular topic and the analysis and the interpretation of the research findings. It can be either a term paper, master’s thesis or a dissertation. This chapter outlines the log...


3 Errors in Writing That Give You Away As a Rookie

As with the time you learned to write without simple and funny spelling errors, over time you can improve the style of your texts. Observe these three errors in writing in which every expert narrator has fallen into at the beginning of his or her writing career and begin to detect them in your writing.


How The Students Can Learn Mindfulness Activities To Be Attentive?

Mindfulness, the technique of mastering “living in the moment”, helps us to combat distractions in a busy world. On a personal level, practising mindfulness can be beneficial for the teachers, but the studies are increasingly showing that it can be helpful for the students too. But how can you use it in the classroom? We will share sp...


How to Enhance Your Public Speaking Skills and Be Confident on Stage

Whether you are a college student or you are a professional working for a corporate firm, public speaking is an essential skill to master to reach the top. In your academic years, you will be assigned many assignments, and there will sometimes be when you have to present your research work in front of a panel. There are plenty of times in the wor...


How to Stay Ahead of the Competition in Your Academics

If you want to excel in your academics, then you have to be disciplined and focus on your studies very well. It is crucial to plan your study time and keep track of your progress. If you will excel in your academics, then it is very likely that you will get an excellent job in a successful company after completing your degree. Getting higher grad...


Way to Enhance the Interaction between the Parents and the Digital Life of the Students

Digital learning is important for the students; it helps them discover the confident and empower young people they can be. Providing a rich and engaging environment for the child to learn is the utmost concern for the parents nowadays. In today’ time, the students are allowed to explore the wild west of the internet largely without our guid...


Five Ways to Write Excellent Essays and Attain Higher Grades

"Essay Writing" is a mandatory skill of the modern education system. To modern people "writing essays" is an essential skill for social life. You cannot write what you write, such as e-mail or chat interaction, writing, or various outputs, at any job. The output on the WEB is also increasing. Recently, the writing skill, whi...


How to Cultivate the Habit of Reading in Your Daily Routine

A good book can provide you with an unbelievable experience. It teaches you about things beyond your daily horizons connects you with the brightest minds and can create characters so real that you seem to know them. In the past, access to information was accessible to very few people. At the time, the clergy and the Church sheltered books like go...


How to Make a Study Plan for Approaching Exams

Nothing can terrify the students more than an approaching examination. This is a problem which is faced by almost all students. If you give a little thought at the right time, you can nail all your exams and score good marks in them as well. It’s all about planning for your examinations. We all know that when we take a course, we have to gi...


Things You Must Consider Before Pursuing A PhD Program

If you are planning to apply for a PhD program, you are probably getting advice from dozens of student’s professors, administrators your parents and the internet. Sometimes it is hard to know which advice to focus on and what will make the biggest difference in the long-run. So, before you go to back to daydreaming about the day you accept...


How to Write an Introduction for Your Essay

The opening of any academic writing is one of the essential aspects to make it engaging. The introduction of your essay has two significant functions, and that is to attract the attention of the readers and to compel them to read the whole writing piece. The good introduction helps the readers to understand the topic of the study, and it also for...


Writing a Good Compare and Contrast Essay

In such a task, the instructors will look for the student's general writing ability as well as their ability to organize their thoughts and ideas to make a persuasive argument. This organization of thoughts begins before writing the essay by brainstorming on the topics of the essay and can be demonstrated with a clear and detailed input phrase.


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