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One of the advanced structures developed by Microsoft in the year 2000 for software applications for Windows is knowns as .Net. It was developed in PDC, Expert Designer Conference in two versions, Beta 1 and Beta 2. This software framework works only on Windows and contains big library known as FCL, Framework Class Library, with pre-coding options used for handling the implementation of the framework. The software framework consists of several innovations in it. These are the innovations which let the software application designers in designing the dispersed systems which are based on the internet.

The execution of the software framework is done in the software environment rather than on the hardware environment in CLR. It is Common Language Runtime, an application virtual machine offering security, memory management and exception handling services.
Class Libraries of .Net

There is a set of standard class libraries in the framework which is organized in a hierarchy of namespaces. APIs or Application Programming Interfaces includes the building tasks of these namespaces. The libraries are helpful because they perform common functions like file writing. reading and manipulation of the XML document, graphics rendering, interaction with the database. All CLI (Common Language Infrastructure) complaint languages get to use all these class libraries. FCL and BCL are the two main parts of these class libraries.

The collection of the tools used for website development is ASP.Net, Active Service Page.Net. Earlier it was ASP but .Net has been an additional feature for achieving success in the development project doing minimum coding. API has eased the use of the framework by the software developers.  The mobile app models can also be used for developing mobile apps. The framework supports Windows Presentation, ASP.Net, Windows Forums and other apps. Moreover, the implementations of UWP, Console are included in .Net framework available on .Net Core.

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