200776 Compliance Management Critical review of Module 1

Western Sydney College

200776 Compliance Management Critical review of Module 1 (Quality Systems)

Assessment No: 1

200776|Compliance Management

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200776 Compliance Management Critical review of Module 1 (Quality Systems)

Critical review of Module 1 (Quality Systems)


Please refer to the recent quality management literature (academic journals) and select one article published within the past three years. You may not choose an article that is part of the reading list. The focus of this exercise is on the development of analytical skills. Consult with the lecturer about the appropriateness of the article prior to starting the assessment; then conduct a thorough critique, addressing and considering the following points.

  • Overall “message”or objectives of the study/article.
  • Relevance of the article to:
    • 1. The broad total quality management literature.
    • 2. Industry practitioners.
    • 3. Economic, social, and environmental decisions and practice.
    • 4. Gaps/weaknesses/limitations of the article.

Note: Be sure you understand what is meant by “critique”. Critique is an accepted and established process of orderly scholarly debate. Critique is influenced by the scientific method of analysis. Critique is based upon an informed opinion, and never upon personal opinion. Informed opinion is accepted as being technical knowledge, personal or professional experience, or specified training. If you use other academic journals to inform your opinion, be sure to reference and cite them properly using the Harvard referencing style. The university’s library website has an excellent referencing guide at http://library.westernsydney.edu.au/main/guides/referencing-citation Note: This assessment task (as a compulsory component of the assessment task) assures course learning outcome 6 as follows:

CLO 6: Evaluate economic, social and environmental enterprise and professional behaviour, and make recommendations for responsible practice.

The successful completion of Critical Review of Module 1 (Quality Systems) will assure that students are able to apply economic, social and environmental responsibility decision-making frameworks in the context of quality management within broader compliance management context.

The format of the critique must include the following sections (in clear headings please)


This section is not an executive summary. It is also not a description of the structure of the paper. The purpose of this section is to provide a short summary of the relevance of the theme of the paper. It should be approximately, five per cent of the length of the entire document.


This section must analyse the content of article. It must state the objectives of the article, present a brief summary of the methodology adopted by the authors to achieve the objectives, and present in a concise way, the main findings. It must be at least 30 per cent of the length of the entire document.

Gaps, limitations and weaknesses identified in article

Gaps typically refer to the area of knowledge under investigation, for instance. Limitations refer to the scope of the study - its “generalisability”and/or applicability of the findings, etc. Weaknesses refer to the article itself: its arguments, methodology, and any problems you might identify in it. This should not exceed 30 percent of the length of the entire document.


This section must present the implications of the study’s findings for:

  • 1. The field of quality management.
  • 2. Industry practitioners.
  • 3. Future implications, for professional or enterprise practice

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