AM807001 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Assessment and Tutor Proposal

AM807001 | Entrepreneurship and Innovation | Assessment 1

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Assessment No: 1


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AM807001 Entrepreneurship and Innovation



To prepare for this assessment select a Maori/Iwi business (organisation) as a case study and write an evidenced based report. The report requires an assessment of its current business activities to identify core strategic issues for the business to achieve market success. Critically evaluate the core (strategic) issues, and develop justified innovative entrepreneurial strategic solutions for the business to achieve market success.

Instructions breakdown

For this assessment, you are required to select a Maori/Iwi business / organisation as a Case- Study.


Research your selected business/organisation to examine real world business practices by:

  • applying an evidenced based approach (using both market-based and literature evidence) to writing the report
  • applying /integrating relevant theory, frameworks, concepts in the evaluation of strategic issues and, the development of innovative strategic solutions for the Maori/Iwi business (organisation) to achieve market success.

Write a report on the case study demonstrating:

  • assessment of the current business activities of the Maori / Iwi business activities,
  • analysis of how the values of the Maori organisation influence its business activities,
  • evaluation of core / strategic challenges (opportunities), and
  • development of a justified innovative entrepreneurial strategic solution/s for the Maori business/ organisation to achieve market success.

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AM807001 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Tutor Proposal