BUS5PB - Principles of Business Analytics Self-service analytics solution development

BUS5PB - Principles of Business Analytics

La Trobe University

BUS5PB Self-service analytics solution development

Assessment No: 2

BUS5PB|Principles of Business Analytics

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BUS5PB - Principles of Business Analytics Self-service analytics solution development


College homework : BUS5PB Principles of Business Analytics

  • Conduct a critical review of the survey in terms of data coverage and data metrics as well as its expected outcomes. Suggest improvements to address gaps, inadequacies and/or errors. You may refer to external sources of information to justify your arguments.
  • Traxpedia is going to launch a campaign to promote a new travel package. In order to maximise responses from potential customers, the manager wants to design the campaign based on the possible insights extracted from the survey. Using the two software packages covered in the subject so far, develop analytics solutions to deliver insights that support decision-making for the campaign regarding:
    • The offered travel package (region, main target customer group, accommodation type, trip duration, etc).
    • The campaign (campaign target state, communication means with potential customers, etc).
      • Recommend actionable insights should be based on findings uncovered from the analytics solutions. You need to decide on the number of visualisations and recommendations with a brief justification for your choice. Recommendations should refer to visualisations (a combination of diagrams and charts) from your analytics solutions and external references. You may refer/cite relevant external sources that represent an additional layer of contextual information in order to improve above tasks.
      • Given the fictitious nature of this case study, you are free to make reasonable assumptions and justifications.

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